Presenting itself as the top Student Choice, has really peaked since they started providing content just this year. Being one of the newest companies around makes students wonder whether this is the right service for them or not. If you are one of those students, do not stay clear of it just yet. It is best to see what a company offers and evaluate whether or not it should be your choice.

Website Usability and Design

The website looks very plain. The design is poor and the website is filled with unnecessary content. For example, if you decide to open the Prices page, you will have to go through a lot of irrelevant content to get to the information you need.

Services Offered

The main focus of Essaydot is on essays. However, the website offers research, dissertation, thesis, term paper and coursework services, too. According to the reviews we read online, students have received much better content when ordering essays from the service, which makes us wonder whether they have offered the other services at all.

You can order all these academic types of paper with a different level of quality: Standard, Advanced and Premium. There is a page for every service offered, which we found a bit overwhelming because it took a lot of time to read trough them all. What is helpful is that pricelists are placed on every page for an academic paper type.

Special Offers and Prices of Content

Prices depend on deadline, type of paper and quality level. The deadline varies depending on the complexity of paper. So, you can order an essay with a deadline of 3 hours to 10 days and a dissertation with a deadline from 48 hours to two months.

The prices are relatively low when compared to other services. Ordering an essay with a deadline of 10 days would cost $11.97 for Standard, $12.71 for Advanced and $14.21 per page for Premium quality, while a dissertation with a deadline of 48 hours will cost $20.94, $21.69 and $23.19 per page, respectively.

A 20% discount is offered for first orders, but is not presented on the discount page, so we are not certain that it is a permanent one. If you want to use this discount, you should enter a code.Lifelong discounts are offered to returning customers ranging from 5 to 15%. These depend on the number of pages ordered.

The Quality of Papers

When it comes to quality of paper, the majority of feedback we found was leaning towards negative. Of course, this is a relatively new service and there is not much to find on the Web, so we wouldn’t conclude that the content they provide is bad based on just a couple of comments.

The website does not provide visitors with samples either, so we were not able to evaluate the quality of paper they offer. There is a blog, but it has only 2 articles dated from 2012, which means the blog has not been updated for years now.

The Quality of the Support System

Essay Dot can be contacted on the phone number presented on the top of the website or by using the 24/7 available live chat. We have tried the live chat and were satisfied by the friendliness of their representative.

Have you noticed that the websites of most Australia writing services look rather plain? There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, especially when you want to order a paper as soon as possible, so you need to find the information you’re looking for without scrolling through menus and categories. Still, it’s nice to see a service breaking that pattern of simplistic design. has a great looking website that’s still very easy to use. It offers a nice range of services, which includes essays, coursework, dissertations, book reviews, term papers, and other types of content in all areas of study.

Is It Easy to Use?

Yes, the website is pretty easy to navigate through. You get separate sections for the prices, guarantees, contact information, and ‘how it works’. The terms and conditions are written in clear manner that leaves no room for doubts.

The process of placing orders is also very simple and quick. All you need to do is fill in a simple order form, submit it along with payment information, and leave the rest to the writer this service assigns. All professional writers hold postgraduate degrees in the niches they cover, so you can rest assured the order will be handled with expertise.

How Much Does It Cost?

The prices are clearly provided in a chart with categories based on quality and deadline. We found the price per page affordable, given the fact that the writer provided great quality and attentive service. When compared to other websites, the quotes at AussiEssay fall within the industry’s average.

You have 10 deadline options for most types of projects, ranging from 10 days to 3 hours. There are three levels of quality:

  • Standard, with prices from A$ 19.99 to A$ 46.99 per page;
  • Premium, priced from A$ 21.99 to $48.99, and
  • Platinum, with quotes from A$ 24.99 to $A 58.99 per page.

The discounts are pretty cool; you get 20% off with the first order, and loyalty price reductions when you return for more papers.

What Quality Does Deliver?

This is one of the most popular writing services on the market, and there’s a good reason behind that fact: Aussi Essay offers great quality and convenience for an affordable price. We ordered a term paper with a topic from the psychology niche. The writer provided detailed work that followed the instructions.

The quality of the first version of this term paper was already great, but we wanted to see how the company attended customers with revision requests. We immediately got a response, and the writer made the corrections within few hours. The final result was perfect.


The customer support representatives are always online. There’s a live chat feature that the customers can use at any time of the day or night. The team of customer support agents is great; they appreciate you both as a potential or a current customer, and they do their best to help you get the convenience you pay for.

What’s So Special about This Service?

We really liked the blog. The topics are versatile, so a student can always find something interesting to read. The entire experience with this service was very convenient and satisfactory. is a popular writing company that provides its services to many students in Australia. This academic writing service’s mission is to assist ‘falling victims to stress’ i.e. students; in finishing their assignments in time and get amazing grades in the process.

The main aim of this review is to see whether the company lives up to the promise of providing students with stress free assignment writing.

The Website Navigation Complexity

At a first glance, the website seems well designed. However, we found the information presented to be vague and in some instances, even absurd. There were some places where additional information is definitely needed, such as in the services page, where the company does not give information on what exactly they provide customers with.

What Services Do They Offer?

The range of services is truly wide, as the website stated. The focus is mainly placed on essay writing and homework assistance, but they also offer help with essays, coursework, term papers, research papers, thesis and dissertations.  Further information is not provided, so we were not really sure if they offer planning help, writing help or editing and proofreading services.

When we opened the ordering page, we have noticed that the company provides extra services such as proofreading of the paper by their editors and something called ‘originality report of your paper’ for additional cost. We found these two options to be very strange, mostly because the website promises to quality and originality of their papers.

What are the Prices Like? provides a free price calculator that you can use to see the price of your order. When using this calculator, you must enter the assignment type, number of words per page and number of pages, after which you are given a table of prices. This is the spot where you choose what level of quality your paper should be. The prices for premium quality aremuch higher than those for standard, which makes us reconsider the first impression of the service being cheap.

As for the deadline, the prices differ according to how early you place your order, as we expected. There is an enjoyable discount for first orders (15% off), but we’ve found no other discounts or coupon offers on the website whatsoever. Not offering lifelong discounts for returning customers is not a very good policy if one wants to keep their clients satisfied.

Does the Company Deliver Quality Papers and Meet Deadlines?

According to the website’s testimonials, the company does meet all provided deadlines. We did not find any indicator of the quality of papers, so we decided to have a look at feedback customers have left outside this website. Generally, the feedback is positive, but if you wish to get papers of good quality, you should consider choosing the higher quality option when ordering your papers.

The Quality of Their Support System

You can use the Live Chat button, their phone line or email service to contact this provider. Additionally, the company has active social media accounts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. We’ve contacted their live chat and received prompt order.

Cause and Effect Essay Sample

How Music Affects the Human Body

               *this essay sample is provided by company

We are all well-familiar with how music can affect our mood in a positive manner, help us collect our thoughts, or even help release pent up aggression or anger. Simply put, music is good for the soul. However, we rarely stop to think about the way music affects our bodies, not just our minds. There is plenty of research available out there to suggest that music does indeed have some extremely positive effects on our bodies.

Of course, the most obvious way music can affect our physical bodies positively is by having us dance to it. It is a great way to get yourself moving, get the blood flowing, burn calories, and lose weight. However, it goes way deeper than that. Listening to music can actually alter our heart rates, even when we are stationary. Our hearts listen and respond to musical components such as tempo, pitch, volume, and frequency, not to mention the lyrics. The faster the song you are listening to, the faster your heart rate will be. So, if you are blasting some speed metal, your heart will beat faster. But, if you are listening to some smooth jazz, your heart rate will slow down.

Needles to say, these changes are fairly moderate, and you won’t experience any major peaks in your pulse, but they are there. This means music can really help us calm down in stressful situations, or raise our energy levels when we are not feeling too active. So, by affecting out heart rate, music affects our mood, and can help us relieve tension and stress. In other words, music can indirectly heal our physical bodies. Another aspect of our condition which can be influenced by music is our blood pressure. Relaxing and listening to music has shown to lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety, stress, or even depression.

Music can even improve our immune system, even if you dedicate only 15 minutes to it per day. For instance, when you listen to music, certain protein levels will go up. That particular family of proteins is responsible for producing components inside your blood, such as blood platelets and lymphocytes. These, in turn, are responsible for protecting your body against diseases such as cancer or AIDS, not to mention less harmful ones, such as various strains of flu. If your immune system is working properly, your overall health will improve, and you will be more resistant to illnesses. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stop taking care of yourself and start eating junk food every day, just because you are listening to music.

Another aspect of our lives which can be improved by music is our ability to learn and memorize, and push our boundaries. Music can be a valuable addition when we are exercising, because it can help us extend our stamina and push ourselves beyond our current capabilities. On the other hand, listening to classical music, such as Mozart, can aid your learning process and help you retain your focus over longer periods of time when memorizing lessons, poems, or expanding your vocabulary in a foreign language. It is a well-known fact that children learning to play a musical instrument have performed better on test which involve intense concentration. Learning to play a musical instrument has other positive side effects, such as better discilpine, motivation, and behavior.

Finally, there are scientific evidence that suggest that music can actually inspire us, despite most people believing in the inspiring power of music already. You see, music can alter your brain waves, and lower their frequency. There are several different types of brain waves, such as alpha, beta, theta, and delta waves, all of which occur at different times and frequencies. Beta waves occur when you are doing regular activities or experiencing something negative. However, alpha waves, which vibrate at a lower frequency, usually occur when we are calm or intensely aware. Theta waves occur when we are at our most creative, or when we are meditating or sleeping. And there are delta waves, which are produced when we are experiencing deep sleep or unconscious state. As is evident, the lower the frequency of our brain waves, the more in tune we are with our creative capacities, and we can get there faster by adopting a simple, yet effective practice of listening to music every day.

All this evidence points to what we have already known. Music has an overwhelmingly positive influence on both our brains and our bodies, whether we are dancing to it, playing it ourselves, or simply listening to it. It can make us healthier, happier, and cause us to adopt a more positive outlook on life. It can inspire us and help us push past out limits. Music makes us better, and for that, we should celebrate its existence.

Persuasive Essay Sample

Should a Relaxed Dress Code Be Allowed In the Workplace?

               *this essay sample is provided by company

A dress code is a part and parcel of modern business. It has been designed to set the standards of discipline and create an appropriate image of a professional worker. Of course, there are numerous reasons behind dress codes which are used in workplaces, and each of them is used to identify a position, wellbeing or even protect an employee who works in the harmful environment. The way how you are dressed usually tells a customer, partner or co-worker who you are and what you have been doing at the company.

In other words, appropriate dress together with basic etiquette is associated with professionalism. First impression and judgments about people are formed by the way they dress. So, if the way your employee dresses affects the perception of your business by customer or partner, it becomes important to maintain standards of the dress code which should form a positive impression.

A dress code usually ranges from formal to semi-formal, and in some cases business casual. Wearing appropriate clothing during the work day helps employees to perform a different kind of tasks. For example, factory workers are wearing specially-designed overalls to protect them from a possible harmful environment. In hospitals, medical staff wears light, comfortable costumes which are aimed to diverse them from other visitors and of course not to constrain their moves, also it is not recommended to wear heavy jewelry since it can have a harmful effect and possible kill worker or patient during defibrillator usage. The office workers, however, have more freedom comparing with the examples provided above, since the majority of them are involved in performing a different kind of tasks which are not connected with human life and health.
So, in my opinion, companies should allow a relaxed dress code, but with restrictions depending on the position of a worker and the environment he works at. There are two main reasons why it is good to allow the employees to wear clothes they like. First is a comfort, any worker will perform effectively if he/she wears clothes in which he/she feels comfortable. The second reason is individuality, the time when grassroots in companies were in trend had passed and right now to create surroundings, where employees will feel unique and respective, becomes more and more important.

The IT staff, accounting  and billing departments, designers or other professional office workers, who are not working with clients and partners directly and don’t need to be presented at the official meetings can have a freedom in their style and wear clothes comfortable for them.  According to the latest researches the companies where dress code rules are flexible and provide a little freedom to their workers, the employees feel more comfortable and happier and perform their work effectively.

It is essential to note, that young workers are more likely to follow a dress code policy of senior staff, and usually fall into the case when without enough experience wearing a business suit  they look funny, either than professional. So here, to solve this issue, the more casual dress code should work.

But, as I have pointed out before the restrictions which will help to regulate employee’s appearance are still a must. For example, factory workers shouldn’t be allowed to wear nylon cloth, or office workers and especially people working face-to-face with a client are permitted to wear beach clothes or too open sexual clothes, also it should be permitted to come to the office wearing boxers or too short skirt and high heels. Moreover, in the last example, it can have a harmful effect not only on the working environment but also on woman health.
The other thing I have decided to consider is gender regulations connected with a dress code. In the majority of companies, the dress code rules for women and men are different. And in numerous countries, the outlining gender difference is the law violation that is why the differentiation between men and women’s appearance in the workplace must be eliminated. As a result, you shouldn’t prohibit women to wear jeans and T-shirts if men allowed to do so. According to BC Human Rights Tribunal, there are numerous cases when dress code can be different for men and women, so you need to ensure that these standards are comparable across genders. That is why, when such policies are presented to the company, employers should review them and make sure that they are fair enough to both genders.

So the development of dress code policies and regulations is still an important part of corporate culture, however, introduction of more relaxed dress code for employees comfort is needed. The limitations of dress code are based on the work conditions and tasks worker must perform. The business-like dress code will be good for official meetings; however, a performance of day to day tasks can become more effective in casual comfortable clothes.


  1. Holland, C. (2008, September 10). Does Casual Dress Affect Productivity? Retrieved September 19, 2016, from
  2. Dress Codes and Appearance Standards. (n.d.). Retrieved September 19, 2016, from

Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Living In School Campus vs. Renting an Apartment In the City

*this essay sample is provided by company

Each student, while entering a college or university has a choice if he would like to live on campus or rent an apartment in the city. And as usual, this choice is very complex and both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. So I decided to review the pros and cons of living at school campus and renting apartments and compare them.

The first advantage of living on campus is that you have a higher accessibility to school; you can access libraries and classes, cafeterias, computer labs and other things you may need to learn without wasting time on driving to school when you live off-campus. I think this important because while your studying you need to complete a lot of tasks and write numerous papers and access to the materials and equipment is important. Nevertheless, right now it is possible to access a lot of things through the internet, and if you have a laptop or PC you can work on, it doesn’t matter where to live. You can scan or download books and work with them staying at home.
The next advantage of living on campus, I think, will be social life. When you live on-campus you can meet more people and establish friendly relationships, you also will know about all activities on campus and how to take part in them. The disadvantage of such living will be of course a lack of privacy, you won’t have quiet time and will need to share a bathroom and bedrooms with others. So if you like to be alone, living on-campus probably is not the best option for you.

The other advantage of living on campus is the simplicity of your life you don’t need to worry about meals, rent payments and other things which needed when you are living alone. On-campus students have their own meal plan and this makes their life easier. While renting an apartment, besides worrying about your meals and rent, you also have more tasks to do, like shopping at grocery, cleaning, and transportation, sometimes buying furniture and other things needed for home required.

Of course living on campus has other disadvantages, than that I have mentioned before. First is a limited space, you are living with one or two people and need to share space with them.  Second is the influence of on-campus social life on your grades and study. If you’re not organized enough to follow the schedule and complete all your tasks no matter if there are a party of cheat-chat in your room, it is better to live off-campus.
It is evident, that living on-campus is a great experience, however, if it has a negative influence on your learning, it is better to rent an apartment outside the campus.  But there are also disadvantages of such a living, and the main is a price. In rare cases, renting an apartment is cheaper than living on-campus, however, this one to million situations. So renting an apartment in the majority of cases is expensive, this not only price, but also things you will need to purchase for a comfortable living, because not all apartments are supplied with them, so you may also need to purchase furniture, crockery, household appliances and others.

Another thing you should consider is that living off-campus will require time spending on transportation, you will be doing it by car, bike, bicycle or even a bus or train depending on where you are living and where the university is located. This will take time and also money (not in the case when you are riding a bicycle). As a result, you need to think of how much you will spend on such activity. Also, when you are living off-campus you are less involved in different university/college activities which are aimed to build team spirit, friendship and in some cases educate you. The isolation you may feel living off-campus can be harmful for your education, and may prevent you from establishing friendly relationships with your classmates. Moreover, you will be responsible for paying your bills and buying many other things which are available for on-campus guys.

I think that it depends on the personality of the person who makes a decision if he would like to live on- or off- campus. If the person loves to rest in a quiet place, needs to be alone to concentrate on studying, needs a lot of space for living and organized enough to live alone renting an apartment will be the best choice. But if you are a communicative person and organized enough to study no matter what surrounds you and you are ready for the challenges you can face with your roommates and their activities and personalities the campus is the best place for you. The third thing I have not considered is the case when your parents’ home is in the same town as your university. In this case, it is easier to choose, whether you want a social life with your classmates or living in a quiet comfortable atmosphere of your home.

Edusson is a company that offers students a chance to choose their writer and order a custom paper online. Or at least, that is what we expected when we visited the site to write our Edusson review. When we read the many negative Edusson reviews, we uncovered a rough truth – the company is very unpopular with students.

Is legit?

We should start this review of Edusson by telling you a bit about the company. is a service that allows you to place an order and choose a bidder to write your paper. We’ve ascertained that it’s a legit company in Australia, but only in the sense that they deliver content in return for money.


To further explore the question of is Edusson legit, we checked their list of offers to see what you can get here. When we first gave the website a look in order to write this review, we didn’t realize that it’s a bidding service. In fact, we thought that their service list is limited considering that there’s a shortlist presented on their Writing List page.

However, the thing we learned by reading reviews and ordering from this company is that they offer much more. In fact, they offer students a chance to order everything. Start with your admission essay and end with your dissertation – there’s no limit as to what you can request.


This is one of the essay writing services that works on a bidding system. What does it mean? It means that to get a price, you need to share your order details. Then, you’ll get bids from people employed by the writing service. These can be anything – there’s no limit to how low or high they can go.

In our experience, the bids were mostly really low (some even went under $10 per page). This would make any student happy, but keep in mind that they don’t have a real money-back guarantee. They mention all sorts of things, but in our experience, if you choose a bad writer, you’re stuck with the paper.


Academic paper writing is not something that you should trust just anyone with. This is why we took our time checking the writers and picked the one with the most promising resume to do our research paper.

As it turns out, the information provided about the writers is not to be trusted. The person who did our paper was definitely not as highly rated as the site showed. He didn’t even seem to be native based on the quality of the paper. Instead of custom writing which was supposed to be guaranteed, we got a 30% plagiarized paper.


A lot of things about this company went wrong. It’s not only the information about the writers that was inaccurate, but the customer support was not at all helpful, either. It’s hard to believe that this company claims to be the best essay writing company, not after what we experienced with their writers.

Based on the quotes we received, many students will rush to order from this company. However, you should be careful since we realized that the company doesn’t check the bidders’ profiles. We ended up with copied content, poorly crafted paper, and writing from a person with poor English skills.

Customer Service

Because of our devastating experience with this company, we decided to speak to the support service. Academic writing should never be as messy and poorly written as the paper we received. Our research paper was basically a term paper since it was assigned to be completed by the end of the term. It was for college academic level, but the quality we received was not sufficient even for a high school student. That’s how bad the writer’s work was.

When we pointed this out to the support, they kept sending us automated answers that made no sense. After a couple of hours of trying to reach them on the phone and struggling with a bot on the live chat, we gave up.


If you want quality dissertation writing, we don’t recommend this service. They have an irresponsive support team, poorly skilled writers, and are not trustworthy in terms of the information they provide. If you pick the wrong writer and get a bad paper, don’t expect a refund. Judged by their poor reputation, they don’t grant a refund even when a writer misses the time delivery.

What is

Allassignmenthelp claims many things. They say that 9 out of 10 students report high grades when they order from the company. They also mention 4.92 out of 5 in terms of quality rating, as well as a percentage of over 98% in terms of timely deliveries. Numbers are an excellent marketing trick that will convince you to believe great things, but our allassignmenthelp review refutes all of these fraudulent statistics.

To write this allassignmenthelp review, we did what we always do – check what students say about this writing company. What is shown on the website is nothing like what our Web search shows. We could hardly find an all assignment help review that’s even similar to those on the site. All Assignment Help is a very low-rated company.

The website of Allassignmenthelp is barely functional. It looks good, but it lacks some of the most important information is not available to visitors, so what’s the point, really? It took them quite some time to reply to us with a quote. If you want to learn more about experience, keep reading this All Assignment Help review.

Quality of Assignments

The process of ordering from All Assignment Help is complicated. You need to tell them what you need, when you need it for, and provide them with all order details and wait for a quote. This took forever. They responded 5 hours later, which will probably make most customers go to another service to order. The price they offered wasn’t even affordable.

We ordered still to be able to check the quality that All Assignment Help delivers. What we received was much less than we expected. When you see such big numbers like Allassignmenthelp shows on the site, you expect at least solid quality. What we received from the writer was plagiarized paper, bad quality, and a bit of a delayed delivery (the paper arrived 4 hours late).

Our plagiarism scanner showed 24% of plagiarism in the paper, which is not little at all. In terms of mistakes, the quantity and types of mistakes made us wonder if Allassignmenthelp employs native English writers at all. This paper was far from worthy of the pricing, and it showed that all those great ratings on the site were a scam marketing strategy.


As we said, you have to wait to get a price from Allassignmenthelp. According to some students whose testimonials we read, the waiting period can even take longer than a day, so it is definitely not instant. Waiting to see how much a paper will cost you is frustrating, and probably pushes many students away.

This isn’t’ a cheap service. charged us over $20 per page for a college essay with a deadline of five days. It’s a reasonable price for quality service, which was not the case here. On top of that, gives no discounts to customers, not even new ones. They said that a discount is added to our quote when they delivered it, but how do we know if this is true or not?

There weren’t any extras or unexpected expenses, but it still wasn’t a cheap service. And based on what we received afterwards, we simply had to talk to their support and demand a solution.

Refund policy

Just like there isn’t anything relevant or helpful regarding pricing, there isn’t information about the refund policy as well on the website. We had to talk to the support after we received that ridiculous assignment. There’s a live chat option that is not always online, so we had to wait to reach them.

At first, it was a bot that turned us around for 15 minutes before we finally got to speak to an actual agent. This agent didn’t apologize for the poor work and did not want to accept any complaints. We marked the errors and sent a plagiarism report, but the agent insisted that their work was ‘top-notch’. This company has no refund policy or any kind of satisfaction guarantee, and their papers aren’t half as good as they should be based on the pricing.

What is is a writing company that delivers all sorts of academic papers, projects, and services to students. Despite the impression you get when you open the website, Essay Assignment Help is not very popular with students. Showcasing big numbers like 15000+ customers and high satisfaction rating does not make for an excellent service. In fact, it is safe to say that Essayassignmenthelp has the opposite in terms of reputation- many negative testimonials that fill the Web.

At first look, the website looks ideal. They make numerous special offers as you scour the pages, such as offering you a 20% discount or $10 off if you order through a live chat representative. But while all this sounds amazing, there were plenty of things that concerned us about Keep reading to find what came out in the end.

Quality of Assignments

Whenever we check a company, we put big trust into what others say about it. But, to confirm the testimonials of others, we also place and order. In the case of Essay Assignment Help, we chose a homework assignment for a 6-page history essay for college students.

This company is extremely cheap, to say the least. In the end, the price was the least of our problems. This was the best thing about Essayassignmenthelp, and probably a reason why many students rush to order before checking the reputation. Our paper came at a price of $10.6 for a page, which is ridiculously low considering the college academic level.

The bigger problem was the plagiarism and the mistakes. There were more mistakes than we could count and after reading half of what was an incomprehensive paper, we gave up. When we used the scanner, we found 54% of plagiarism in the paper provided by Essay Assignment Help.


The pricing was lower than any of us could have imagined. charges a similar amount per page as others do, but with one big difference. A price of $18 per page is the lowest you can get in high-rated companies for deadlines of 10 days or two weeks. Here, you pay this price for the tightest possible deadline, which is 0 to 6 hours.

It was a bit frustrating until we got the price, since Essayassignmenthelp has provided a rather vague pricing list with long ranges. You have to ask for a free quote to see how much it will cost you to order a paper from them. This didn’t take long, but still – why wouldn’t they share the prices with customers?

Discounts are also vaguely discussed on the Essay Assignment Help website, though we read some special offers, one of which came in a pop-up on the website. There’s a 20% discount for newcomers, which came rather unexpected after we saw the pricing. And, they even threw in $10 discount that depended on whether or not we’ll use the support to order. Since we had to wait for a quote, we did this and got the extra bonus.

Even so, none of it was worth it because that sum we spent was put to no good. The paper was not of any use to us and it wouldn’t be to any student who aims to get a higher grade.

Refund policy

When something like this happens, you rush to talk to the support. Essay Assignment Help had a great support when we were ordering, but things changed fast when we came in to complain. The agent who processed our order was friendly and professional. The one we talked to about the issues was rude, barely responded, and never resolved anything. In fact, he disappeared and never replied once we sent the plagiarism report.

We tried reaching Essay Assignment Help a few more times, but the outcome was always the same. If you read about a refund policy or guarantee on the site, forget about it. This service is unpopular for a reason, and no discount or low prices can make up for the low quality they deliver.

Prices VS Quality: The pricing is not that transparent, because the list is not out there. Users can just obtain instant quotes by choosing the type of paper, the academic level, the deadline and the number of pages. For example, an essay due to be done in 24 hours, graduate level, costs 27.95 AUD per page. The prices are somewhat good compared to the quality received. is not the cheapest company on the market, but it does the job. However, for these quotes you could get better papers from other websites.

Discounts: All in all, here are some discontents: the website didn’t post the discounts willing to offer to customers, they just say to contact the agents; then, contacting the operators is not that easy – users have to fill in several fields. As you can see, it takes way too much time to learn what amount of money one would save by using Assignmentprovider-aus website.

Refunds: Assignment provider AUS offers a 15-day refund policy. If you want to cancel the order before the paper is delivered, you have only 24 hours to do so. The company also promises a refund in case the paper cannot be completed or delivered to you on time.

Online reputation:

Here are some reviews we found on popular platforms sush as Trustpilot, Sitejabber and Reddit