About Us

Every review website has a story of why it came to life. We created the website in order to help other students find the most reliable and professional writing service online. As a group of students who struggled with the issue of finding an ideal writing service to help with assignments and essays, we decided to create a place where everyone can find the right writing team.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple as we want you to find writing services that are going to cater to all your needs. Our agenda is only to help those that want to avoid frauds and get quality help. We don’t benefit from it in any way, but strive to root out the fakes and give the right services a chance so students can find the help they need.

How We Do It

We analyse each writing company according to several factors that are important for every student, which includes prices, the experience of the writing team and their qualifications, delivery times, customer satisfaction, a variety of services and numerous other factors. As each aspect is important in order to receive a top-notch essay, that’s on time and still doesn’t break your bank, we really go in depth with each company so we don’t miss out on any details.

Because we care about the opinions of students, as we were students ourselves once, we devised a questionnaire to ask students about different services. And not only that, we went as far as ordering essay and research papers ourselves from several sources, in order to have concrete proof on what each service offers.