EzAssignmentHelp.com Review

ezassignmenthelp review

The website www.ezassignmenthelp.com is very inviting. We have seen many unprofessional and badly-designed sites, and researching one with a good blog and great appearance like this one was refreshing. The blog is a bit outdated and there is not a single testimonial to be found, but other than this, the website is very informative.

Because of the lack of fresh samples and EzAssignmenthelp.com reviews on the website, we continued our search for some advice from others on the Web. Unfortunately, the EzAssignmentHelp reviews we encountered on our way were not very positive, and most of them complained of two issues – low quality and high pricing.

Services Offered

Our findings raised many questions, so we started digging on the EzAssignmentHelp.com website. The first step we took to write this Ezassignmenthelp.com review was to check the services offered. Before you can even think about making an order with a company, you must be certain that they deliver your paper.

This is the part where it gets very tricky. The services page lists assignments for every subject, while you can only choose between essay, research paper and dissertation in the free calculator. If you choose the option ‘business writing’, you have another two options: exam group and business writing group.

We can all agree that this is a limited list of services. Some companies offer one service and others offer a couple dozens, but this is the first time we encounter one that offers as little as 5 services in total, and only 3 for academic writing.


You can check the calculator for a quote for your paper, but when we placed our order with EzAssignmentHelp, we learned that this calculator is not so reliable. The reason for this is that once you sign up, you can choose between over twenty different types of academic writing, an information which is nowhere to be found on the website.

ez assignment help

This is a very bad strategy and a serious lack of commitment on behalf of Ezassignmenthelp.com. The company probably loses many customers who visit the site for the very reason that they have incomplete lists of services published there.

Even so, our next concern was the pricing. Writing services start at $17.55 for a page, which is not that high. But, when you learn that this price applies to high school level and a deadline that is almost never assigned to students in high school, you get a completely different perspective.

Prices rise rapidly and interestingly, are completely the same as those of other websites we have seen. In fact, once we saw the signup form and the actual list of services, we already had our doubts. The equal pricing system showed us that this website is another site created by one company. Other sites that share these features are acemypaper.com and admissionland.com.

Discounts and Features

No discounts? This is where Ezassignmenthelp.com lost the credibility they made when we saw the website and great list of services. Even though this is probably the best list we have seen at this point, the no-discount policy means that you don’t get any benefits if you choose this company, not now and not in the future.

If you are looking for a promo code, you will probably not find one. We asked the customer service for one and at this point, they did not have any special offer.

Customer Support

Even though the support service did not give us any discount, they were actually very professional and prompt. In fact, this promptness was a bit frustrating at one point, when one of their agents contacted us on the phone the minute we entered our personal information in the signup form. We did not request a call, so this was a bit annoying.

Other than that, we had no problem with the customer service agents. In fact, we believed that their behavior was very professional and friendly.

Papers quality

The most important thing we wanted to learn about Ezassignmenthelp was the paper quality. Since the prices were high, we expected excellent papers that would justify the non-existence of discounts. However, the paper we got was of average quality, and certainly did not deserve the price we paid.


The list of services at EZassignmenthelp is more than satisfactory, and so is their professional customer service. But, the quality does not correspond to the pricing, and the non-discount policy makes us believe that this may not be your best source for academic papers.

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