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Writing a finance assignment can be very tricky for students, especially since there is a variety of finance assignment topics just waiting to be researched and written. When a professor assigns a paper, you are expected to create a blend of analytical and numerical data. This can take a lot of time and effort for understanding, researching and discussing the given topic.

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The Major Areas of Finance

If you lack the knowledge to write your assignment for financial management, only professional assignment helpers can help you prepare a high-quality paper in every area of finance. Choose the best service from our list to get help on all financial management assignment topics, including those in the areas:

Corporate Finance

A corporate finance assignment must focus on the capital structure, funding sources and best ways to increase the corporate’s value.

The topics you may be assigned in corporate finance studies are capital budgeting, stock value, net income, cash flow, working capital, debt analysis, cash and inventory management. In addition, the area may even overlap with the financial management area and investments.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions includes the functional and working principles of institutions, including credit unions, banks, insurance companies and many more. In order to research the whole area, scholars divide it into:

  1. Money Markets

Money markets research includes assets acquirement and other short-term financial functions. All types of financial lending, borrowing, buying and selling for a period of one year or less come under this category.

In order to research these points, money markets use the following instruments: commercial papers, federal funds, treasury bills, certificates of deposits, bankers’ acceptances, repurchase agreements, bills of exchanges and short-term mortgage.

  1. Capital Markets

The capital and money markets differ based on time. Unlike the money market, capital markets function for long-term requirements. Any type of selling, lending, borrowing or buying for more than one year comes under this category.

The major devices capital markets use for research are: government bonds, corporate bonds, equity securities and Public Exchange Offers.


Investments are the study of entities and goods, purchased for both consumption and future creation. One of the foundations of this branch is the expected revenue from the investments, also referred to as ‘return’.

Financial Management

Financial management is concerned with numerical calculation, theoretical concepts and the representation of the two. If you want a combination of finances and management, this is the subject you will choose.

This branch is concerned with the decision-making of a company, their objective and the financial evaluation.

Behavioural Finance

Behavioral finance studies the investors and managers, their psychology and decision-making. Furthermore, it examines how these decisions affect the market, and vice versa.

Personal Finance

Every individual needs to be prepared and protected against unexpected personal events. This is what personal finance is all about – the planning of secure future in terms of finances. In addition, it handles tax policies effects and their effect on the personal finances and savings.

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