What is

Allassignmenthelp claims many things. They say that 9 out of 10 students report high grades when they order from the company. They also mention 4.92 out of 5 in terms of quality rating, as well as a percentage of over 98% in terms of timely deliveries. Numbers are an excellent marketing trick that will convince you to believe great things, but our allassignmenthelp review refutes all of these fraudulent statistics.

To write this allassignmenthelp review, we did what we always do – check what students say about this writing company. What is shown on the website is nothing like what our Web search shows. We could hardly find an all assignment help review that’s even similar to those on the site. All Assignment Help is a very low-rated company.

The website of Allassignmenthelp is barely functional. It looks good, but it lacks some of the most important information is not available to visitors, so what’s the point, really? It took them quite some time to reply to us with a quote. If you want to learn more about experience, keep reading this All Assignment Help review.

Quality of Assignments

The process of ordering from All Assignment Help is complicated. You need to tell them what you need, when you need it for, and provide them with all order details and wait for a quote. This took forever. They responded 5 hours later, which will probably make most customers go to another service to order. The price they offered wasn’t even affordable.

We ordered still to be able to check the quality that All Assignment Help delivers. What we received was much less than we expected. When you see such big numbers like Allassignmenthelp shows on the site, you expect at least solid quality. What we received from the writer was plagiarized paper, bad quality, and a bit of a delayed delivery (the paper arrived 4 hours late).

Our plagiarism scanner showed 24% of plagiarism in the paper, which is not little at all. In terms of mistakes, the quantity and types of mistakes made us wonder if Allassignmenthelp employs native English writers at all. This paper was far from worthy of the pricing, and it showed that all those great ratings on the site were a scam marketing strategy.


As we said, you have to wait to get a price from Allassignmenthelp. According to some students whose testimonials we read, the waiting period can even take longer than a day, so it is definitely not instant. Waiting to see how much a paper will cost you is frustrating, and probably pushes many students away.

This isn’t’ a cheap service. charged us over $20 per page for a college essay with a deadline of five days. It’s a reasonable price for quality service, which was not the case here. On top of that, gives no discounts to customers, not even new ones. They said that a discount is added to our quote when they delivered it, but how do we know if this is true or not?

There weren’t any extras or unexpected expenses, but it still wasn’t a cheap service. And based on what we received afterwards, we simply had to talk to their support and demand a solution.

Refund policy

Just like there isn’t anything relevant or helpful regarding pricing, there isn’t information about the refund policy as well on the website. We had to talk to the support after we received that ridiculous assignment. There’s a live chat option that is not always online, so we had to wait to reach them.

At first, it was a bot that turned us around for 15 minutes before we finally got to speak to an actual agent. This agent didn’t apologize for the poor work and did not want to accept any complaints. We marked the errors and sent a plagiarism report, but the agent insisted that their work was ‘top-notch’. This company has no refund policy or any kind of satisfaction guarantee, and their papers aren’t half as good as they should be based on the pricing.

What is is a writing company that delivers all sorts of academic papers, projects, and services to students. Despite the impression you get when you open the website, Essay Assignment Help is not very popular with students. Showcasing big numbers like 15000+ customers and high satisfaction rating does not make for an excellent service. In fact, it is safe to say that Essayassignmenthelp has the opposite in terms of reputation- many negative testimonials that fill the Web.

At first look, the website looks ideal. They make numerous special offers as you scour the pages, such as offering you a 20% discount or $10 off if you order through a live chat representative. But while all this sounds amazing, there were plenty of things that concerned us about Keep reading to find what came out in the end.

Quality of Assignments

Whenever we check a company, we put big trust into what others say about it. But, to confirm the testimonials of others, we also place and order. In the case of Essay Assignment Help, we chose a homework assignment for a 6-page history essay for college students.

This company is extremely cheap, to say the least. In the end, the price was the least of our problems. This was the best thing about Essayassignmenthelp, and probably a reason why many students rush to order before checking the reputation. Our paper came at a price of $10.6 for a page, which is ridiculously low considering the college academic level.

The bigger problem was the plagiarism and the mistakes. There were more mistakes than we could count and after reading half of what was an incomprehensive paper, we gave up. When we used the scanner, we found 54% of plagiarism in the paper provided by Essay Assignment Help.


The pricing was lower than any of us could have imagined. charges a similar amount per page as others do, but with one big difference. A price of $18 per page is the lowest you can get in high-rated companies for deadlines of 10 days or two weeks. Here, you pay this price for the tightest possible deadline, which is 0 to 6 hours.

It was a bit frustrating until we got the price, since Essayassignmenthelp has provided a rather vague pricing list with long ranges. You have to ask for a free quote to see how much it will cost you to order a paper from them. This didn’t take long, but still – why wouldn’t they share the prices with customers?

Discounts are also vaguely discussed on the Essay Assignment Help website, though we read some special offers, one of which came in a pop-up on the website. There’s a 20% discount for newcomers, which came rather unexpected after we saw the pricing. And, they even threw in $10 discount that depended on whether or not we’ll use the support to order. Since we had to wait for a quote, we did this and got the extra bonus.

Even so, none of it was worth it because that sum we spent was put to no good. The paper was not of any use to us and it wouldn’t be to any student who aims to get a higher grade.

Refund policy

When something like this happens, you rush to talk to the support. Essay Assignment Help had a great support when we were ordering, but things changed fast when we came in to complain. The agent who processed our order was friendly and professional. The one we talked to about the issues was rude, barely responded, and never resolved anything. In fact, he disappeared and never replied once we sent the plagiarism report.

We tried reaching Essay Assignment Help a few more times, but the outcome was always the same. If you read about a refund policy or guarantee on the site, forget about it. This service is unpopular for a reason, and no discount or low prices can make up for the low quality they deliver.