Best Resume Writing Services in Australia

1Resumesplanet.com4.9/5Positive: 95%
2Careersbooster.com4.8/5Positive: 94%
3Inresumes.com4.7/5Positive: 96%

There’s an increased need among Aussie job applicants to hire the best resume writers.

Why do people hire resume writing services when no one knows about their experience better than themselves?

  • Professional resume writing services offer assistance with CVs, resumes, LinkedIn profile, and all other application documents. They can also help with an existing resume. If the candidate doesn’t know how to write, hiring experts is a good solution.
  • Professional resume writers can deliver the work ASAP. If the job candidate doesn’t have time for resume writing, they can place a quick online order.
  • Most resume writing services are affordable.
  • An experienced resume writer can boost one’s chances of getting noticed.

The problem is that you don’t know what resume writing service to choose with all those CV writing services available. This is why you need the best resume writing services reviews. – Best Resume Writing Service

It’s rare to find a service that has professional resume writers in different categories. For example, a programmer needs writers with a specific set of writing skills, which would lead to a great technical resume. But a military veteran who’s looking for a job in the civilian sector needs a writer with experience in their field.

CareersBooster is a company that has a certified resume writer in each category. When a customer submits an order, the team assigns it to a writer with experience in the particular industry.

The company offers assistance with resumes, LinkedIn profiles, CVs, and cover letters.  As additional services, you can choose a thank you/follow-up letter, a summary of knowledge, skills and abilities, and resume distribution to job search websites. Careers Booster also offers resume editing assistance.

Why is relevance so important for a resume service?

Let’s say you’re looking for a job in an Australian governmental agency. Your writer should know the specific sector. They should know what that agency does and what it needs in its employees. The document should be written in Australian style, so it won’t stand out in a negative way.

If you need to place an urgent order, you can do that. The company lets you choose a deadline of 5 days, 3 days, 48 hours, and 24 hours. That’s another big advantage: you get the job application documents exactly when you need them.

In terms of relevance and timely delivery, is one of the best resume writing services to hire. – Affordable Prices and Timely Delivery

ResumesPlanet is one of the most popular resume writing services on an international level. Over 10K customers have ordered professionally written job application documents and expressed their satisfaction with the quality.

The ordering process is pretty simple:

  • You fill in a brief order form to introduce yourself and explain your career goals. You’ll choose the product or one of the resume writing packages available, and the company will process the payment.
  • ResumesPlanet will choose one of its professional CV writers, who has experience completing the type of document you need. This is another service that pairs you with relevant professionals.
  • You get your results by the expected deadline.

ResumesPlanet is popular because it has real hiring managers and certified resume writers in its team. These are people who’ve been on the employer’s side of the hiring process. They write resumes that work in every aspect.

You can use Resumes Planet to order a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and CV. The company offers additional services: e-cover letter, employment agency distribution, and KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities). You can also ask the team to rewrite your resume. That’s the resume editing service, and it costs A$ 126.68.

You’ll find free job search and interviewing resources on the blog. The writers share their insights for free, so they can help you be a better applicant.

These are the prices for the main types of services:

  • A$ 174.78 for a resume
  • A$ 206.85 for a CV
  • A$ 216.17 for the package of resume and cover letter
  • A$ 303.06 for the package of resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter
  • A$ 264.58 for the package of resume, cover letter and thank you/follow-up letters

This resume writing service lets you set the deadline, too. The above-listed prices are for the deadline of 5 days. If you need results sooner, you can set a deadline of 3 days, 48 hours, and 24 hours.

You’ll easily find an online review for ResumesPlanet. It’s one of the agencies that job applicants prefer. It makes it easy for them to hire a professional and get the documents on time. – Excellent Price-To-Quality Ratio is another professional resume service with an international focus. It has Aussie writers in its team. They know the job markets in this country, and they can deliver a professional resume that presents the candidate in the best light.

One of the features that make this online resume writing service special is the opportunity to get a free resume review. You will submit your own resume, and the team will deliver notes for improvement. For many job candidates, this guidance is enough. They can fix the issues and submit the job application without paying for professional resume services.

But if you want to hire an executive resume writer, you can certainly do that.

InResumes offers 24/7 customer support. You’ll communicate with them directly. You’ll tell them who your potential employers are, and the writer will investigate the organization.

You can get resumes in various industries, including governmental agencies, business sectors, military-to-civilian resumes, and more. This is one of the most popular resume writing services when it comes to interview coaching. In addition to a resume, you can get instructions on how to handle an interview in your industry.

These are the resume packages that you can get:

  • Professional Growth for $149 (around A$ 230) – This is a keyword-optimized resume without another product in the package.
  • Career Evolution for $219 (A$ 351) – You get a resume and a cover letter in this package.
  • Executive Priority for $349 (A$ 560) – This package includes a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. The documents are completed by an executive writer.    

If you’re looking for professional resume writing services that offer free advice for job applicants, this is a great website to check out. Some of the writers are recruiters and hiring managers. They share writing tips, job research tips, and interview tips in the blog section.

Are Resume Writing Services Worth Your Money?

Maybe you’re unsure if you need to hire a professional resume writing service. Do you really need one?

For most job seekers, hiring professional resume writers is a no-brainer. They’ve never written resumes and CVs before, and they have no idea how to do it. Sure; Aussie universities provide some training to their students. But in most cases, job applicants follow templates and end up with dry, lifeless documents.

These are only a few of the advantages that resume and cover letter services have:

  • They deliver professionally-written resumes to you. Their work is not based on generic templates. When a hiring manager sees the job application, they will remember you for its uniqueness.
  • The top resume writing services have great writers in their teams. They give the candidate an advantage in the hiring process. If you’re applying for a job as an accountant, the best companies will assign a writer who is experienced in writing resumes for accountants.
  • No one knows your experience better than you do. However, writing for yourself is hard. You start off well, but you soon notice that you’re bragging. If you try to tone it down, you’re too modest and you know that you won’t get far that way. Professional writers know how to hit the right balance between bragging and humility. They will write a resume that makes you look good in an employer’s eyes.
  • You don’t have to pay too much. Most of the time, the resume writing services prices are transparent, so you can compare different agencies and choose the offer that fits in your budget. But be careful; you shouldn’t hire a cheap resume writer just because of its prices. Its reputation is important. You need to get great quality for your money.  

This brings us to the most important aspect: comparative reviews. It’s extremely important for job candidates to compare different services by the prices of their packages. That’s easy. The prices are transparent, so you’ll only check out a few websites and choose an affordable one.

Oh wait; it’s not that easy after all.

You have no idea what quality the writers deliver. You can check their samples, but you can’t be absolutely sure of the quality until you rely on social proof.

That’s what we’re here for. We check out different resume writing agencies, and we evaluate the quality that they deliver. We order real products at their website, so we can share first-hand experience from a customer’s point of view.

A well-written resume can do wonders for your career. The writer will capture your personality in it, and they will format it in an appropriate way. The only thing you need to do is find the right service for your job application. We help you with that! Check out our reviews and you’ll have no doubts about choosing the best writing agency for your needs.