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homeworkhelpdesk review
The website of is definitely unique, but the content is literally scattered along the pages, without any particular reason. For example, the homepage has almost no content at all, and the About page has a few sentences and a review from a customer?!

Open the site and you will find a completely different design than anything else you have seen on this market. In our opinion, the somewhat ‘childish’ design is not very professional for the eye of the visitors, but we are not here to judge that. Our goal is to check the website, reviews, and gather all this information in our own review.

Services Offered

The unique website misled us from a while, but we could not mistake the ordering form and list of services because we have seen the exact one several times during our research. Once we saw the full list (which you can only access if you sign up and provide your phone number, e-mail and name), we immediately uncovered the same company that hides behind almost a dozen websites.

If you check the sites, and, you can see that the pricing tables are very similar, but the ordering form and the list of services offered is exactly the same as that of

This list is very big, probably the biggest on the market. It consists of all popular papers, as well as some we haven’t encountered often on the market, such as poems. This makes the service a great source for all your papers, but the list can only be seen if you provide your personal information.


Perhaps the most annoying part of the HomeworkHelpDesk website is the pricing information. Except for the lowest rates for writing ($17.55 for a page), proofreading ($11.70 for a page), and proofreading ($9.95 for a page), you won’t be able to see any other quote unless you proceed to order.

homework help desk

These prices are not very high, but when you see the deadline the starting price applies to, you will learn that the impression achieved by the lack of information is rather misleading. The lowest rate applies to the lowest level and a deadline of over 15 days, and how often do students from high school get their papers assigned in 15 days or more?

If you do check the pricing for higher levels and a bit more reasonable deadlines, you will learn that this company is far from affordable and realistic when it comes to prices.

Discounts and Features

You will find literally no information or any mentions of discounts on the site of HomeworkHelpDesk. We had the same experience with the other sites we previously mentioned, so we weren’t surprised. The company behind all these sites is rather expensive, and they haven’t really created a discount strategy that will make their services more inviting.

There isn’t a program for those who order regularly, nor there is one for those who try the company for the very first time.

Customer Support

Contacting the customer support was not necessary because, as with each of the sites, the agent here called us right after we signed up with our phone number. We find this to be very intrusive because no other company has called us without our requesting of such action, but the agent was so polite and friendly that we decided to let this go.

We discussed the lack of discounts with the agent, and he confirmed that there isn’t a code or discount we can use. He told us that there are occasional special offers, but none at the moment.

Papers quality

As HomeworkHelpDesk reviews online told us, quality is not the forte of this service. On the opposite, the writers here are not very fluent in the English language, which resulted in a very confusing research paper for us.

All sources used were reliable, but some were not properly cited. The paper did not show any plagiarism, but the mistakes in it took hours proofreading and editing. Some of the sentences didn’t even make any sense, so we had to edit them completely.

Conclusion is not a scam or a terrible service, but the issues we encounter trump the advantages. Besides good customer service and great list of services, the company doesn’t really have that much to offer.


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ezassignmenthelp review
The website is very inviting. We have seen many unprofessional and badly-designed sites, and researching one with a good blog and great appearance like this one was refreshing. The blog is a bit outdated and there is not a single testimonial to be found, but other than this, the website is very informative.
Because of the lack of fresh samples and reviews on the website, we continued our search for some advice from others on the Web. Unfortunately, the EzAssignmentHelp reviews we encountered on our way were not very positive, and most of them complained of two issues – low quality and high pricing.

Services Offered

Our findings raised many questions, so we started digging on the website. The first step we took to write this review was to check the services offered. Before you can even think about making an order with a company, you must be certain that they deliver your paper.

This is the part where it gets very tricky. The services page lists assignments for every subject, while you can only choose between essay, research paper and dissertation in the free calculator. If you choose the option ‘business writing’, you have another two options: exam group and business writing group.

We can all agree that this is a limited list of services. Some companies offer one service and others offer a couple dozens, but this is the first time we encounter one that offers as little as 5 services in total, and only 3 for academic writing.


You can check the calculator for a quote for your paper, but when we placed our order with EzAssignmentHelp, we learned that this calculator is not so reliable. The reason for this is that once you sign up, you can choose between over twenty different types of academic writing, an information which is nowhere to be found on the website.

ez assignment help

This is a very bad strategy and a serious lack of commitment on behalf of The company probably loses many customers who visit the site for the very reason that they have incomplete lists of services published there.

Even so, our next concern was the pricing. Writing services start at $17.55 for a page, which is not that high. But, when you learn that this price applies to high school level and a deadline that is almost never assigned to students in high school, you get a completely different perspective.

Prices rise rapidly and interestingly, are completely the same as those of other websites we have seen. In fact, once we saw the signup form and the actual list of services, we already had our doubts. The equal pricing system showed us that this website is another site created by one company. Other sites that share these features are and

Discounts and Features

No discounts? This is where lost the credibility they made when we saw the website and great list of services. Even though this is probably the best list we have seen at this point, the no-discount policy means that you don’t get any benefits if you choose this company, not now and not in the future.

If you are looking for a promo code, you will probably not find one. We asked the customer service for one and at this point, they did not have any special offer.

Customer Support

Even though the support service did not give us any discount, they were actually very professional and prompt. In fact, this promptness was a bit frustrating at one point, when one of their agents contacted us on the phone the minute we entered our personal information in the signup form. We did not request a call, so this was a bit annoying.

Other than that, we had no problem with the customer service agents. In fact, we believed that their behavior was very professional and friendly.

Papers quality

The most important thing we wanted to learn about Ezassignmenthelp was the paper quality. Since the prices were high, we expected excellent papers that would justify the non-existence of discounts. However, the paper we got was of average quality, and certainly did not deserve the price we paid.


The list of services at EZassignmenthelp is more than satisfactory, and so is their professional customer service. But, the quality does not correspond to the pricing, and the non-discount policy makes us believe that this may not be your best source for academic papers.


AU Review

EduBirdie is a platform that offers essay writing services on a wide variety of subjects, from accounting and finance to philosophy or architecture. When school assignments become overwhelming, such a service can help students better manage their workload. But should they choose this particular brand? Does EduBirdie work?

 Services Offered

Advertising over 200 writers who can complete a task in as little time as 3 hours, the site offers support for students of any academic level, from high school to master’s or doctoral degree. Essays, creative writing, lab reports, speeches or term papers- they have it all. However, it is easy to be deceived by such abundance. In contrast to the way the site presents itself, many Edu Birdie reviews often reveal dissatisfied customers who complain about lack of honesty and poor quality of the papers.


The standard EduBirdie price is 23.58 Australian dollars per page – not the cheapest option out there, especially for a student’s budget. More than that, after the EduBirdie sign-up process, it is revealed that the price varies according to the desired deadline. Less time for the assigned writer to do the task means more money from the customer.

After filling in the order, the client should be able to select a preferred writer for the paper, as the site advertises on its main page. However, it’s disappointing to see two, maximum three writers to choose from.  There is an option of letting the system choose “one of the best writers” for the task, but this costs an extra 13 dollars. All in all, is charging a little too much for services that don’t rise up to their promises.

Discounts and Features

The site doesn’t offer any discounts to its clients. Some students in need of constant help could become loyal customers, but the site policy doesn’t encourage them to do so.

The variety of writers turns out to be not as satisfying as advertised. 200 people and over 30 subjects leave the site with a limited number of options for each type of assignment.

An advantage is that Edu Birdie accepts corrections from their customers even after the writer has started the task. This way, the students can rest assured that their project is on the right track.

Customer Support and Site Usability

AU Edu Birdie has a design that is attractive and easy to navigate, providing a comprehensive menu of all the available domains and assignment types.  “The professional essay writing service for students who can’t even”- the site’s headline aims, and probably succeeds, to immediately build a connection with its public.

The site offers live customer support, 24/7, an online contact form and an e-mail address for any queries. Reviewers are generally pleased with the help they are getting and the politeness of the agents. On the downside, there is no phone number available, so the safety of a more concrete form of communication is lacking.

Papers Quality

An overwhelming number of reviews reveal poor quality of the papers, including issues such as plagiarizing, not respecting the customer’s demand, not adhering to the topic and overall reduced competence of the writers. The quality might be good for a high-school paper, but the site often fails to deliver more complexity.

Since clients are looking for comprehensive, high-quality papers, not just for a friendly interface, it speaks for itself that has poor reviews at exactly the product that they are selling.


Is EduBirdie legal? According to the site itself, yes, it is. There are no laws against using academic writing services for school assignments.

Is EduBirdie cheating? As long as the student’s own conscience is clear about this, there are few problems left. Having a third party complete work that develops skills and knowledge instead of doing it themselves can be a loss, but it’s a call that each must make on their own.

Is EduBirdie safe? It is safe to the extent that it is a legal business offering services in exchange for a fee. Clients receive what they paid for, even though it might not always rise up to expectations of quality and transparency. For example, one EduBirdie review reported that the client did not receive a full refund for an unsatisfactory paper, as agreed. Instead, the company kept 10 dollars for themselves. Aside from these types of misunderstandings, it should be safe to use their services.

All in all, even though it has some advantages such as good customer support and a wide variety of papers, the site’s weaknesses are more salient than its strong points when compared to other similar services.

myassignmenthelp Review is an Australian academic writing company which, according to the website, offers quality and affordable papers to the students worldwide. They claim that they have 500+ the best assignment writers on the team and capable of completing any type of assignment or academic writing service. They guarantee 100% original papers written by an expert in the area of study.

Student’s reviews we found online about this academic writing company are resonating. Some of them are entirely positive; others are negative. Many students contacted us asking to see the truth. That is why we decided to create full and honest review.

Services Offered by offers a broad range of writing services. The can be subdivided into several categories:

  1. Assignment writing. You can get any assignment of any level at this academic writing service. This service can deliver even programming assignments in Java and C#.
  2. Dissertation and thesis writing. This service can assist you at any stage of your dissertation writing process. Dissertation research proposal, the research itself, chapter writing and editing all are available from its assignment writers.
  3. General academic writing. This service can deliver essays, research papers, and term papers. Yet, we were not able to locate case studies, book reviews and lab reports on the website, so these are not offered here.

According to the website each assignment writer they hire has experience and expertise in the area of study he or she covers and capable of delivering quality original papers before the deadline you set.

Prices on

We were not able to locate any pricing information on this academic writing company. To get the price for your paper you need to submit details using the order form. The price depends on the complexity of paper, deadline, and number of pages. After you accept the price offer, the best assignment writer in your area starts working on your paper. It is a disadvantage that this service doesn’t have price calculator or just a brief price per page table, but yet if they deliver quality papers and respond to quote query fast, it may be okay to hire their assignment writers.

It is quite complicated to get the pricing details from this company. You need to leave your contact information and paper requirements, and then you will be able to get a quote. You may also try to get a quote for your paper from the support agent.

Like at other services, their assignment writers charge based on deadline, subject complexity and a number of pages. The quality of a paper is the same for all customers, so you cannot choose it during the order. And there is no guarantee that your paper will be completed by the writer with a needed degree.

Discounts and special features on

According to the website, this service doesn’t offer any discount for the first order and don’t have any loyalty programs where you can get a lifetime discount assigned to your account with them. Instead of general offers, these best assignment writers provide another benefit. These advantages include iPhone 6 for the accounts which have 10 000 USD+ in total spending, additional 500 USD if you spend more than 5000 USD per month, one additional assignment for free if you order five during one week and 10% off if you order two assignments.

Customer support and website usability on

When you are looking for the best assignment writer to work with long-term the support is a top priority for you. It is important to choose a company which provides 24/7 support. This service has 24/7 phone support. However, instant chat is not available all the time. But if you prefer calling this service is for you.

Support agents are professional and can pass all details you need to a writer. We waited less than 20 minutes on the line while calling them.

The website has a simple design. The main disadvantage is various links to the services on the footer, but this allows Ctrl+F any service you need. Also, they need to add pricing information because it is not easy to make the decision when you don’t see how much paper will cost to you.

Papers Quality on

As we usually do, we decided to check what quality this company is capable of delivering and ordered a small research paper. We placed a quote request and got a response in an hour or so. The paper price was a little bit higher than we expected. We asked support how to connect with the assignment writer, and they responded they all communication will be through the support. The paper came in time, and overall quality was good. It was general type research paper.

Conclusion about

If you are looking for the Australian writing service which can help you with your assignment papers, you may try to order from this company. You need time to wait for the paper quote from them. We hope that our review helped you to make a decision. Review

The was launched in 2009 and is working in academic writing niche since then. It offers a broad range of academic writing services to the students on all levels. This company has a huge team, and they claim that they have more than 3000 Ph.D. experts in all areas of study.

There are a lot of different reviews from the students and review team like ours available online. A lot of them are negative, and some are claiming that the service is awesome and hires only the best assignment writers.

So to get a proof of the quality their assignment writers are capable of delivering we decided to create detailed review. From this review you will find more information about services offered, prices and discounts, we also will create test order to see what quality of papers this service delivers.

Services Offered by offers a broad range of academic papers, which include essays, dissertations, homeworks, case study, coursework, thesis writing, programming, and MBA help. They are also offering services to the students from the countries like China, New Zealand and Malaysia. So this Australian company is capable of delivering papers to the people from these countries as well.

They do offer different services to numerous countries, so they need to have a really huge team of assignment writers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prove this even with our resources. However, hiring the best assignment writer is not easy.

Moreover, there is a list of subjects they are dealing with on the website, and it is vast. Indexes of ordered papers show that they completed hundreds of thousands or even more papers for the clients. We hope this is true.

Prices on

It is quite complicated to get the pricing details at website. You need to leave your contact information and paper requirements, and then you will be able to get a quote. You may also try to get a quote for your paper from the support agent.

Like at other services, each assignment writer charge based on deadline, subject complexity and a number of pages. The quality of paper is the same for all customers, so you cannot choose it during the order. And there is no guarantee that your paper will be completed by the writer with a needed degree.

Discounts and special features on

Discounts are available per request. When you are placing you very first order their best assignments writers will do it with 15% off. So it is a good option for a start. However, there is not information about loyalty program or other things they are offering to the loyal customers.

We have contacted support and asked about this. The reply was straightforward if we decide your next order deserves discount we will give it to you. Okay, each time we need a paper we will contact support agent for the discount.

With this service, you can get free revisions which are a must for any academic writing company. As for other features like proofreading or originality report – they will cost you extra. There is no information if this service offers title page, formatting or other extras for free.

Customer support and website usability on

When you are looking for the best assignment writer in your area, you expect the service to have 24/7/365 support available to help you. You also expect one to one communication with your writer. This service is different, they don’t allow clients to talk to a writer, and all communication is done through the support interface.

Nevertheless, their support is professional and available round the clock. So you can chat or call support anytime you will have additional details, questions or other things to discuss.

The website itself looks clean but needs navigation improvement. To get your paper written, you need to fill a form, and then you will get a quote from an assignment writer in your area. The service accepts partial payments, and you can apply for the continuous delivery.

Papers Quality on

The best assignment writers from MyAssignmentHelp website published a lot of writing samples posted on the website. We checked them and can say for sure that they are of the high quality. Yet, we decided to order a paper from this service. We asked for the essay with four days deadline on economics topic. In five days we got a paper, it was written in grammatically correct English, but a lack of voice. Data were presented in a square format. This article is a good fit for a first-year college student. The price per paper was a little bit higher than average prices on Australian academic writing market.

Conclusion about

Based on our review this company is capable of providing qualified help. They have a good team of assignment writers which have experience and expertise to deliver papers. The absence of loyalty program is a huge minus if you have a tight budget and don’t want to pay more. And there is no connection with a writer which is an obstacle if you would like to polish your paper. Yet, if you are looking for an end-to-end solution for getting a paper written, you may try ordering from them.

Recommended Review is known to be popular academic writing company located in Australia. It offers academic writing services for the students of all levels. It operates on the market for many years. Being on the market for a long time, this service has not earned even a single full professional review. So, after several contacts from the students, we decided to create an honest review. We will research prices, discounts, special features and customer care of this service, and at the end, we will hire assignment writer to complete a paper for us.

Services Offered by

As we said before, is not a new company on the market. It is operating for many years, that is why we were surprised when we have not found the full list of services their best assignment writers can write. There was a brief list of what they capable of delivering. So for your comfort here is it:

  1. Assignment Writing Help. They have an assignment writer for each niche to help you. Marketing, accounting, biology, math, literature – these are only a few areas this service capable of helping you.
  2. Power Point Presentation Help – for your reports and class projects.
  3. Dissertation Writing Help – full and partial writing. The best assignment writers in this team had written hundreds of dissertations for the clients.
  4. Proofreading and Editing Help. For the students who are writing their papers by themselves.
  5. Application Essay Writing Help – for the ones who are planning to impress selection committee and would like to increase chances of getting selected by the university or college of their dreams.

It is not a full list of papers this service can write. You may try to search the information about other papers on the website.

Prices on

We searched the site and were not able to locate prices for the best assignment writer help. There is no such information available to the public. Instead of prices, this service offers to send them requirements. After that, you will need to wait up to 6 hours to get a quote from a writer in your area. If you like the quote, you may pay for the service. Otherwise, you need to search another service or assignment writers to write a paper for you.

The price here depends on several factors, like a deadline, paper type, and a number of pages, complexity of writing and the topic. The more complicated your topic is, the higher is your final price.

If you have an urgent paper, it is better to search for another service.

Discounts and special features

Unfortunately, we were not able to locate any discounts or special features included with your offer. So we decided to contact support and ask them if there any discount or extra service we will get from their writers. They are offering discounts for new and returning customers. Cut size will depend on the paper you are willing to order from them. If there will be a relatively large paper with a lot of work they might consider to give you a discounted price. They said that they have the lowest possible prices on the market and papers their assignment writers are delivering are of the highest possible quality.

As for free features, they have free revisions and plagiarism check which is okay for academic writing company of that level.

Customer support and website usability on

Customer support is a vital part of any online service. That is why we checked the schedule and support options of MyAssignmentExpert. Support agents are available online 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST Mondays-Saturdays. On Sundays they have day offs, so don’t be surprised with that, Sundays are not for the orders here. If you were not able to contact support you can always send them an email. As for the support options, these are chat, phone, Watts App and email. Support agents are friendly and ready to help.

The website is a little bit old-fashioned but works fast enough. There is a lot of information about the services offered and guarantees available. What is missing is pricing table. However, you can get a quote by submitting your paper information into the web form. Also, this service has a neat samples page where you can find a lot of well-written papers. You may use these papers as examples at your academia. Of course, if you have similar topics.

Papers Quality on

To form the full view of this service, we decided to order a paper from their assignment writers. We decided to get a history assignment connected with European revolutions of the 19th century. We would like to get a paper which not only lists these revolutions but also analyzes the situation which led to them. In three hours we submitted paper information we have got a reply from the best assignment writer in our area. He said that he needs four days to complete this complex assignment. We agreed, however, the price we got was a little bit high for an essay. But any student is ready to pay a little bit more for an outstanding paper.

The paper was delivered on time, and everything was okay with grammar, spelling, and punctuation. But the content was general, no unique ideas. However, when you don’t need much creativity, such papers are a big plus.

Conclusion about

Based on our review we can say for sure, that if you are looking for general papers and have time to wait for the quote you may try to order from this academic writing service. They have a good team of writers with Master’s degrees and affordable prices.

instaassignment Review

If you are looking for an affordable academic writing service which is capable of delivering your paper in time you have probably heard about This assignment writing company claims that it has pocket-friendly prices and discounts and you will get assistance from the skilled best assignment writers on the market. However, there are a lot of negative reviews about this academic writing company available, but there are also a lot of positive reviews. And to find out if you can trust them we decided to conduct a research and create our own review. We checked prices, services, customer support and even quality of papers they are delivering. We hope you will find this information useful.

Services Offered by

According to the website, professional assignment writers can cover different areas of study, including marketing, business, accounting, management, and engineering. This service is primarily targeting business related fields, so if you are interested in literature assignment, it is better to search for other assignment writers online. Based on the information about writers’ team they are hiring only the best assignment writers in these areas. Papers they are delivering are also limited to the ones included in business curriculum. So if you need a qualified writer to get your marketing case study or SWOT analysis, this niche service should be the best. Though, it is a disadvantage when you cannot order papers for not business related fields.

As for the types of papers, you can get from the team, they are extremely broad: essays, case studies, dissertations and even more papers. All the information you can find on the website.

Prices on

You can locate the pricing table on the official website. It is clear and easy to use. Papers are very cheap, and the price starts from 7.19 USD per page for the deadline of 30 days and ends with 46.13 USD per page for the one-day deadline. The highest price you need to pay when you need admission essay help. That is strange; usually, the best assignment writer charge more for the dissertation writing since it is more complicated and requires a thorough understanding of the area. According to the service, the price depends on the paper type, subject area, deadline, and quality. Three levels of quality are available.

Discounts and special features on

While browsing on the website we got newcomers discount popup. You can save up to 25 % on your first order. Yet, if you had not copied the coupon code when it appeared, you may contact their support anytime get it. Unlike other assignment writing services, this company doesn’t offer any loyalty program to the returning customers. But according to the support, we have contacted you may ask them and depending on your paper they can give you a discount.

As for the unique features and guarantees this service offers, they differ from others. This service provides a quality report and free assistance with your paper.

Customer support and website usability on

24/7/365 support is a must when you are planning to hire the best assignment writer. This service provides such support to its clients. Agents are friendly and polite, and you don’t need to wait for 20 minutes until you are connected to an agent. You may contact support using chat, phone, and email. We used all and can confirm that they are working 24 hours a day.

The website has a friendly easy-to-use interface with all needed features to make a decision. The order process is simple, and you don’t need to spend an hour filling hundreds of different forms. The disadvantage is popups which may disturb you from service description reading. But it doesn’t matter if you will get help from a qualified assignment writer.

Papers Quality on

We decided to order a definition essay of the highest possible quality with a one-day deadline to test this academic writing team. It came on time, and the quality was okay. It was original and without spelling or grammar mistakes. The assignment writer is not the best concerning creativity, but his grammar and spelling skills are excellent. The paper was written following all our instructions, and he didn’t ignore them.

We asked for the revision to test this feature and it still completely free. The writer slightly changed a paper using our instructions and delivered it in a couple of hours.

Conclusion about

If you are looking for business assignment help online and not interested in creative papers, this team can be the right choice for you. When hiring writers, they primarily rely on their grammar and spelling skills rather than creativity and voice. We hope that you will find our review useful.

essayroo Review

EssayRoo delivers regular papers that might be appropriately rewritten from the samples.
We highly recommend you choose another service for your writing needs.

. service was founded in 2008 and mainly focused on Australian students. It is a Sydney-based company which attracts by the affordable prices and discounts. They offer a wider range of services from the best academic writers. If you are interested in ordering from this company we hope our detailed review will help you to make the right decision. We checked all: services, prices, discounts, support, and website usability and of course the quality of papers they deliver.

Services Offered by provides custom writing services from the best assignment writers. These services include essay writing, dissertations writing, term papers writing, editing, proofreading and homework help. There are a lot of services offered, and you can find the full list on the website. It is essential to note that this service offers relatively cheap re-writing service.

A cool feature they are offering is a choice of assignment writer from their team on the page called “our writers.” This list doesn’t contain any personal details about the writer, but it includes rating, a number of pages written and reviews from the customers.

As for the writer choice, to get the best assignment writer you need to pay extra. Otherwise, any writer with relevant experience can be assigned to your paper. And there is any way to review his rating on this stage.

Prices on

The pricing model at EssayRoo is pretty standard. The price of the paper will be calculated in accordance with several factors, like a type of paper you need, a number of pages, deadline and academic level. The deadline ranges from 14 days to 6 hours; 3 hours deadline is not available. The price per page starts from 12.99USD per page for high school level. The most expensive service is to hire doctoral-level assignment writer with 6 hours deadline. Such service will cost you 47.99 USD per page. Even 13 USD is expensive for the high school students, so to attract customers Essay Roo offers discounts.

Discounts and special features on

As we said before to sell their best assignment writers essayroo offers different discounts and special features. Newcomers can get 15% cut on their first order using a coupon code from the website. After that student enters loyalty program, which allows getting up to 15% lifetime discount on all orders at this service. This policy works in such a way: the more pages you request from these assignment writers, the cheaper it will be for you.

In addition to the coupons, the company offers a vast set of features worth almost 65 USD. These features are included in any order at this service. Among them is a title page, formatting, outline, bibliography, plagiarism report and unlimited revisions to make sure that assignment writer followed all your instructions and was able to satisfy your needs.

Customer support and website usability on

Customer support is a vital part of any writing service. When you are ordering online the ability to connect with someone anytime makes you feel more secure. Though some reliable and popular academic writing services which are working on the market for dozens of years doesn’t offer that, EssayRoo is different. This company provides 24/7/365 support to its clients. You may contact them via chat, email and phone number you can find on the website.

The website of this academic writing service is bright and attractive. It is easy to navigate and has all needed information you need to hire its assignment writers. They also have a cool blog where you can find a lot of quality essay samples and guidelines for paper writing.

Papers Quality on

According to the online reviews, this academic writing service delivers the highest quality papers. However, we decided to verify if it is true. That’s why we placed an order on the website. We didn’t want to invent anything and ordered simple Romeo and Juliet essay. It was about the love theme in the play. The deadline we have chosen was three days, and we used newcomers discount – it actually works.

The paper came several hours before the deadline, and we didn’t found any grammar and spelling errors, it was well structured and formatted, but we cannot say that the best assignment writer wrote it. You’ll probably interested: why? That is easy! There was nothing special in it. It looked like properly rewritten paper from the sample. We checked it in plagiarism report and can say for sure it is original, but the ideas are as old as the play. We can say for sure that the price was too high for such a paper.

Conclusion about

EssayRoo is relatively new service on the Australian market, yet, it won some auditorium which is interested in general papers writing. They deliver regular papers that might be appropriately rewritten from the samples. You won’t run into trouble with such papers, but you also won’t get the highest mark. We hope our review helped you to make the right decision. Review

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When you are looking for the best Australian writing service, what features you are most interested in? Maybe you are looking for the low prices or non-stop support? Or you are interested in quality and speedy delivery? Or you are looking at assignment writers experience and choice of services? is a well know service in writing industry. Australian students are getting the highest quality papers from this service many years. The company operates since 1997 and following the highest writing standards that match student’s instructions. Moreover, this company is already capable of helping international students with their papers. The range of services they are offering are really wide, and they have transparent pricing and attractive discounts system. Yet, this is not enough for you to make a decision if this team is the best choice for you. Below you will find a detailed list of benefits and honest review of this academic writing company.

Services Offered by services

This company offers a broad range of academic writing assignments. There are many types of papers are offered. We decided to subdivide them into six categories:

  • General academic writing which includes essays, reaction papers, research papers, reviews, presentations and much more.
  • Admission papers writing including preparation of documents you need for college like admission essays, personal statements, and scholarship essays written based on your institution requirements.
  • Assignments writing to help you to prepare power point presentations, statistics, math and economic problems solutions and projects, different research summaries.
  • Thesis and dissertation services like research, writing, writing of parts, proposals writing including research proposals and of course editing and proofreading of your papers.
  • Job seekers can get writing and editing help with their resumes, CVs and cover letters and emails.
  • Editing services for students and other customers who need editing and proofreading for quality improvement.

As you see, this academic service is capable of providing a great choice of papers. So if you are looking for qualified assignment writer who can assist you with all your tasks, you may contact this team and ask for help. More information about what they are capable of doing for you is available on the official website.

It is essential to know, that this service has a money back guarantee. So you can stay safe about funds you transferred to them. Their other guarantees include 100% originality of papers and privacy policy. Payment and ordering system here are completely secure. No one will ever find out that you have ordered your papers from the best assignment writer.

Prices on

When you are looking for the best assignment writer in your niche, you still don’t want to pay a lot. The main reason is that you don’t have many funds available even for the most important papers. This BestEssays team does understand that. They use pretty standard price calculation algorithm which, in addition, helps them to maintain high quality by hiring only the best writers and make the service affordable for the students of all levels. prices

The prices at this assignment writing service are calculated based on quote per page and depend on several factors. There are four most important factors which will influence how much you will need to pay for your paper; there is the quality standard of writing, your subject and paper type, a number of pages and deadline. These best assignment writers offer three writing standards – Standard, Premium, and Platinum. Each of these standards includes different great features making writing experience even better and cheapen order price since customer don’t need to pay extra for these services. As for the deadlines, they are wide, for less time-consuming papers you may set a deadline from 10 days to 3 hours, and for complex including dissertations and thesis papers the deadline can be up to 2 months. The deadline availability based on the paper type chosen by the customer.

Also, the type of paper can change the price for the assignment writer hour. Complicated papers have a little bit higher, but still very affordable prices. The majority of subjects have the same price per page. However, papers in engineering and technology cost a little bit more.

The prices range from 15.92 USD per page to 50.70 USD, depending on the chosen paper type, subject, quality, and deadline.

Discounts and special features on

The main benefit of this writing service is that they have competitive discounts. With your first order, you can get up to 25% off using coupon code available on the website. It reduces your final order price making your paper very cheap. In addition, for the returning customers, this service developed cool loyalty program you automatically enter no matter how pages you have ordered. The discount goes from 5% up to 15%. It is based on a number of pages this service delivered to you. Each discount of that type is applied automatically.

Moreover, with each order, you will get an extensive set of free features worth 65 USD. It is a great money saving benefit for all customers. These features include formatting, title page, outline, bibliography and unlimited revisions. You won’t pay any extra to get this all for your paper.

Customer support and website usability on

Another benefit of these best assignment writers team is its customer service. When you are ordering online, you need to have a secure connection with the service and the best assignment writer they assigned to you. The support here is available 24/7/365 via chat, phone, and email. So you can ask anything or pass any information no matter what time is now. Agents here are respectful, professional and always express the will to help a student. They do have access to all systems, can contact the writer on your behalf and solve even the most complex issues.

The website is pretty standard for the academic writing company. It is a benefit because you know how to navigate it and find the information you need. The website works and loads fast. You can find all needed information about types of papers they are offering. The prices are completely transparent so that you won’t be surprised with additional chargers after the order.

Order placement takes several minutes to complete. Before ordering you can check the price per your paper using price calculator they created for your comfort. During the order, all the information you will find on one place, and sign up process is included in it. So you don’t need to wait to get a confirmation email about your registration.

Papers Quality on

We have got a lot of testimonials about the best assignment writers from this service. All students were happy with the quality of papers. So we decided to verify if the reputation of this service is real, and create review. testimonial

We ordered an urgent research paper with the deadline of 48 hours. In a couple of minutes after order, we have got information about our writer. The writer holds a Ph.D. degree in European history which was relevant to the subject we were chosen. Moreover, we were connected with him via message system and were able to discuss everything.

The paper came in before the deadline, and it impressed our team. The writer followed all our instructions closely, and the research he delivered was very detailed. We were not able to locate any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors in the papers. It didn’t need any revisions, yet we wanted to check how it works here. So we asked a writer to change several aspects in the paper. In a couple of hours, we have got edited paper and were not charged for anything. The majority of services request to pay an additional fee to get the paper revised.

We researched a little bit more to find out how they got such an excellent writing team. According to what we have found out they are hiring only experienced academic writers who have a degree in a particular area of study. They train all writers to make sure they are able to deliver the service of highest quality. Also, they don’t assign writers from other areas of study to your order, as other academic services do. It is essential to note that all assignment writers who work in this service are all native English speakers. It helps to maintain the highest possible writing quality and eliminate grammar and spelling errors.

Conclusion about

If you would like your paper to be written by the best assignment writer in your area of study, you may try to order from Except for wide range of services they are offering, they have a pretty big pool of writers with Masters and Ph.D. degrees. Each order has a set of free features included making it even more comfortable for the students. The service offers competitive discount system and maintains the transparency of pricing. If you are looking for real professionals capable of delivering the best quality papers in time, you can always order from Best Essays international company, and you will never be disappointed in the result you have got. We hope our review helped you to decide if this company fits your needs.

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If you are looking for academic writing help, you probably know about This service founded more than 16 years ago has a good reputation at Australian academic writing market. It offers a wide range of writing services and also editing and proofreading help to English speaking students.

This service hires only the best assignment writers and at the beginning was focused on local students only. Right now it expanded its boarders and can serve you no matter where you are. All writers it hired are native English speakers with all needed qualifications to deliver quality papers in time. Aussie students trust this service, and you can find a lot of positive reviews on the most academic writing reviews platforms.

The writing process at this academic service starts from the research from trustworthy academic and scientific sources, after which assignment writer produces 100% error free and unique paper based on student requirements.

To save your time on searching the information about this leading Australian academic writing service we decided to collect all need for making decision information and create review. So here is a detailed examination of prices, guarantees, terms, services and other things you need to know about this qualified academic writing helpers.

Services Offered about

If you are looking for the best assignment writers online the, most important thing you need to pay attention to is if they are capable of delivering all papers you might need during your study. This company has an extensive range of services which may satisfy any student. Except for different papers and assignments they are offering editing, proofreading, homework help and several other services you can barely find on other academic writing platforms.

Services these assignment writers offer can be subdivided into several categories:

  • General academic writing includes essays, research papers, book reviews, case studies, term papers and many others. More information you can find on the website.
  • Dissertations and term papers. These papers require in-depth writing experience and a Ph.D. degree.
  • Admission writing. All documents and papers you need to enter college or university.
  • Students who don’t have time trust their homework to these writers. They are capable of delivering a perfect paper even with the tightest deadline.
  • Academic assignments. Math, engineering, technology and other assignments are not easy to write. This team is capable of delivering a broad range of papers to the students.
  • CV/Resume writing. A great help for job seekers.
  • Proofreading and editing. If you write papers yourself, professional touch will be essential.

As you see, you can order any type of paper from this professional academic writing service. And the second thing we were interested while reviewing it was its prices. Are they affordable for an average student who needs help?

Prices on

We compared pricing at AUSuperiorPapers and can say for sure for quality services they have really affordable and transparent pricing. The quote for one page depends on several factors. It is straightforward to place an order, and the form they are using calculates total price automatically. Each client knows how much he/she will be charged for the paper before proceeding with the payment. There are no hidden costs applied.

ausuperiorpapers prices

Here are five the most important factors which will influence the cost of paper from the best assignment writer at the Australian service:

  1. The type of paper. As you know, there are a lot of different academic papers types offered at this assignment writing service. Each paper has its own price per page. Usually, complicated papers and assignment cost more than easy to write an essay.
  2. Your subject. Like other companies, this writing team charges more for tech and engineering subjects. Besides these two areas, writers are capable of delivering papers on almost any subject. For example, you can order papers in Art, Literature, History, Psychology, Accounting, Marketing, etc.
  3. Quality level. This company provides three quality levels you can choose from Standard, Premium, and Platinum. These standards are designed to help you to choose how many extras you will have with this service and what degree will have your writer.
  4. If you need your paper urgently, you will pay more. The deadline at this services ranges from 3 hours to 2 months and availability of deadline options depend on a type of paper you’ll choose.
  5. There are a lot of different features you can add to your order by paying extras. These are VIP support, a paper completed by one of the TOP10 writers in your area, plagiarism report and others. Many of them are included for free with Platinum and Premium quality levels. Yet, you may add them for extra cost with Standard level paper if you would like to.

The price per page can range from 15.92 USD up to 45.39 USD, depending on all above-listed factors. However, this is not all about pricing. You may also reduce the price of any paper you ordering from this service by applying discounts.

Discounts and special features on

Cost always plays. Students are not able to order an expensive paper. It is not because they don’t want to pay more, they don’t have more. This Australian writing service understands that academic paper must be affordable, so they have established discount systems to reduce the cost for students who want to hire the best assignment writer.

So, here first-time clients can get one time discount of 20% with the help of coupon code you can find on the website. As for returning customers, they have an opportunity to use discounts of 5 %, 10 %, and 15%. These discounts are applied automatically and based on the number of pages ordered on the website. Moreover, these discounts are the lifetime.

There are also a lot of free extras you may get with any order at the service. The majority of these extras cost 10-15 USD each. Here you will get them for free. These include a bibliography, title page, outline, formatting, reviews, plagiarism report appendices and plagiarism report.

Customer support and website usability on

When you are ordering online customer support plays a significant role in your decision-making process. The same is with the academic writing services. If service doesn’t have customer support, it doesn’t worth your trust. No one will help you if you have an issue with your paper.

This assignment writing team is different. You may contact them anytime via chat, ticket, and email. Customer care actually works 24/7/365. We have talked with the support several times and happy with the client’s care. Each representative is attentive, professional and friendly. They tried to help with anything. Moreover, they do have access to all systems and capable of tracking your order, pass information to a writer or see what is wrong with the payment.

As for the website, it has a clean design. It is very easy to use, and you can locate all features and needed information pretty fast. Moreover, all the information is not more than one click away from you. The order form is easy to use and understandable. It takes less than five minutes to fill the form and place request for academic paper writing.

Papers quality on

In order to form the full view about this service we decided to check the quality of writing and placed an order. We ordered an essay paper analyzing the history of America settling and obstacles met by early settlers. The deadline we set was 24 hours, and quality was Platinum. We were able to apply newcomers discount, and it worked for us.

In about 20 minutes we were connected with our writer. He had a Ph.D. degree in history and asked several questions about style of paper, what kind of sources we prefer etc. In an hour he sent us an outline and after our corrections started to write. In 20 hours we have got a perfectly written essay. He followed all our requirements and additions. We were surprised with the quality because it really looked awesome.

We asked about the hiring process, and he honestly replied that it was complex to join the team of You really need to be the best assignment writer in your area to get an invitation to the interview. Several years of experience in academic writers, a bunch of published scholarly works online, perfect English grammar and spelling skills, academic degree and much more needed to become a part of this assignment writing team.

Conclusion about

We were so impressed while writing review. The quality of services, wide range of paper writing offered low prices and honest, professional writers who really want to satisfy you. Students will definitely benefit from choosing these assignment writers. And free extras and professional, friendly support available 24/7 attracts even more.

If you are looking for the long term partner to help you with your writing tasks this service is the best choice. Call them, and you will definitely get answers to all your questions. Place an order, and you will not be disappointed.