Types Of Writing Services

Nowadays, every student decides to hire Australian assignment help services for their papers, at least once during their education. As academic competition increases due to better job opportunities, the burden becomes more and more difficult to handle, which makes the need of professional help imminent.

When a professor assigns a complex task with a tight deadline, a reliable service is the best place to turn to. Not knowing the format, structure and appropriate writing style is a barrier that many students face and therefore, one of the main reasons why they choose to opt for writing services.

Knowing this, fraudulent writing services use the lack of knowledge to scam students into paying a fortune for low quality papers. At the end, how will you know that a service did a good or bad job with your paper if you do not know the basics and rules of the particular paper type?

To avoid this, take a look at our detailed list of services and their features. Once you learn the difference, services will no longer be able to trick you.

Types of Writing Services

Every company offers an extensive list of writing services, which makes it impossible to list them all. Still, we decided to provide you with a short list of the most commonly assigned papers to students of all academic levels:

Essay Writing Services

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We all know that professors love assigning essays, which is why this paper is the most common paper students need to write during their education. Handling a single type of paper may sound easy, but this is much more complex due to the variety of essay types that require different approach and goals.

Basically, every essay has the same structure: introduction, three or more body paragraphs and conclusion. In addition, every essay must focus on an academic opinion on a given topic, backed by facts and arguments.

This is what all essays have in common, but how do they differ?

Here is a short description of the most popular essay types and how to write them:

    • Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay aims towards describing a place, object, person or an event. In these descriptions, the writer must find a deeper meaning and use advanced writing skills.

    • Narrative Essay

Narrative essays provide the reader with a real-life experience of the writer, i.e. an insight into personal matters the writer decided to share. Compared to other essay types, this is the only essay where you do not need to be objective or use evidence to back your statements.

    • Expository Essay

Expository essays serve to analyze an issue. The writing process is the following – choose an issue, research on the chosen topic, and use statistics, scientific facts and real-life examples to elaborate on it.

    • Compare and Contrast Essay

As the name suggests, compare and contrast essays explain similarities and differences between two ideas, places, things or people.

    • Persuasive Essay

The main goal of every persuasive essay is to convince someone of your particular point of view. To achieve this, you must set an opinion on a matter and express it clearly for the reader to understand.

    • Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay are exactly what the name says – explaining how things came to be and what followed after. The essay may address both together and only one aspect.

Coursework Writing Services


Many students are confused about the term ‘coursework’, and we most certainly understand why. There is no real list of coursework assignments since everything can be selected in this group.

Understand coursework in the following way – if a paper does not fit any other group of academic writing, it is set under the coursework category.

Therefore, when a professor assigns a coursework task, students may be required to write an essay, report, work on a project, report on fieldwork, etc. Basically, they may be required to write any paper.

When it comes to coursework, the most important thing to do is read the requirements. Coursework assignments always come with clear instructions, so make sure these are followed carefully when checking your writer’s paper.

Research Papers

Research papers are considered to be one of the most complex assignments. Sometimes the topic of these can be easy, but the thing that causes a headache in students is the amount of time they must dedicate on research. As the name suggests, research papers must be based on thorough research.

Students often lack time or research skills to craft this paper, which is why they ask for help.

Writing experts have strict guidelines for writing research papers:

  • Research on the topic
  • Present an evaluation
  • Argument the topic
  • Interpret the topic
  • Properly cite and reference the paper

Similar to research papers, term papers differ in the sense that you have to submit them at the end of the academic term. Considering this, term papers must capture what you have learned during that term, which makes them a huge part of the final grade.

A quality term paper has to:

  • Describe a concept or event
  • Argue a point
  • Keep topics related to the curriculum of that term and subject

This is also a time-consuming project to handle and requires thorough research and use of properly referenced sources.

Dissertation Writing Services


Dissertations are not commonly assigned, but remain one of the top five papers ordered from writing services. This is a result of the complexity and length of the assignment, as well as the importance of it as the final paper a student submits to an institution.

Since this is an important paper, you need to make sure the writer you hired did a good job writing it.

A good dissertation will:

  • Show extensive knowledge on the discussed topic
  • Showcase advanced writing skills and formal language
  • Be 100% original and based on thorough research
  • Provide value to the academic community

Learn these standards and check the quality of papers writing services deliver!