MyAssignmentWriting is somewhat of a prominent service on the Web, in the sense that there are hundreds of new comments about their services each month. Thankfully, most of these comments are great, making the company a fair competitor in our ‘find the best companies’ game.
You will find detailed information about this if you read our MyassignmentWriting review.

Services Offered

So far, we’ve found several companies worth your money. But, most of them missed at least one feature, the most common one being lack of papers. Not every quality company can brag about a full list of services, but this one seems to do exactly that. Maintaining such a high reputation alongside dozens of services offered means that MyAssignmentWriting has numerous writers on board and strong guarantees in place. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to write as many papers as they seem to deliver.


When we made a comparison with other similar services, we learned that is rather affordable. A$27 is the lowest you can expect to pay for an essay ordered within 10 days, while starting quote for a dissertation is A$31.06 for a single page.
This is much cheaper than many of the high-rated companies and the discounts make MyAssignmentWriting sound even better.
Prices depend on deadline chosen, as well as paper quality. As with most companies who base their price lists on paper quality instead of academic level, this one also has three options: standard, premium and platinum. On their site, you can see which option fits which academic level.
Basically, the higher academic level or institution you are enrolled in, the better quality you should choose.

Discounts and Features

New customers qualify for a 14% discount through the use of a code presented on the website. Moreover, the company has occasional, usually for holidays, discount offers you can use if you open the site in the right time.
The only minus we found by searching the MyAssignmentWriting website was the non-existence of a loyalty program. The service seems to have forgotten to add some discounts for those who are loyal to them. This is not a huge issue because of the nice prices, but it would definitely be appreciated by customers.
We did find some reviews from customers who said the support service gave them nice bulk discounts, though.

Customer Support

Customer support is without competition here. You can reach them in several ways, one of them being the free-of-charge, non-stop live chat. Those who live in Australia might prefer the phone option, which is also available, while the live chat is usually the preference of students from other corners around the world.
Regardless, we tested both. It seems that the company dedicated as much effort into hiring agents as they did with writers. The reputation of agents at MyAssignmentWriting is equally great as that of writers and we have no doubt why – those we spoke to were highly professional and very informed.

Papers quality

Finally, we’ve arrived to the point where we needed to check the quality of MyAssignmentWriting. This was no problem because we placed an order before even checking the site. Because of their tight deadline options, we got the paper within two days only, and that 14% made the price much more bearable despite the short deadline.
In such short timeframe, we didn’t expect high success, but we did expect a solid paper. After all, this is a very popular company. When we received the research paper we ordered, we were astonished by the quality. For that price, it was unbelievable how the company pays such writers to do the paper.
We were most amazed about the quality because we didn’t choose the highest quality option – we chose Premium quality, which is the medium quality offered. The research paper was without a mistake and 100% original and written in a style that fits Master’s student.

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  1. Louis Taylor says:

    SOOO HAPPY to have used!!! They literally saved my life. I had 10 hours left before my essay deadline, and had no clue where to go, it would’ve been impossible to finish on time. Anyway, I write to this company, and in 5 hours, I have my essay completely done and polished. Can’t believe I ran into their website, I had so much luck. would recommend (especially if you are in an emergency)

  2. Patricia J. Kim says:

    My experience with MyAssignmentWriting was good, but not great. Working with their writers was challenging, because I was the one who always reached out. good quality for the price

  3. Anthony says:

    I could never find a company like myassignmentwriting on my own. My attempts to get papers always turned out badly, so badly I almost gave up on buying assignments. This was until a friend of mine told me about a company he uses and is good.

  4. townsend says: provides more than just fine prices. They give me quality essays every time I ask for it and never let me down. The agents who work for them are very helpful and always professional (it is sometimes annoying how professional they are). After two years, I now get even better prices, even though I didn’t mind paying the full price for that content quality in the first place.

  5. Aaliyah Byrne says:

    At first, I thought he was exaggerating. But when I ordered, I was in awe of what they write for the price they charge. This is by far the greatest company for the best price.

  6. Patricia Logan says:

    Just recently I got myself a thesis from the company. This was the first time that I ordered such a complex paper, so I was a bit worried. Now I am at ease because they handled it perfectly. I have no doubts in

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