Paper Quality

Let’s get straight to it. The quality of writing provided here is of a meagre quality, at best. The assignments that the writers write will barely get you a passing grade, let alone improve them. There are various reviews that will testify for the same. In order to get a clearer picture of what the company promotes, we checked out their samples. Unfortunately, there was only one sample provided and that too didn’t give any indication that it was written by a professional.

The services offered are mentioned below:

  • Assignment
  • Essay
  • Report Writing
  • Review
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Research proposal

The website claims to hire writers who have high-level degrees. But given their output, it doesn’t seem likely. We say this because all their papers that we have reviewed contain argumentation that is too plain and childish and aren’t nuanced enough to be considered a high-grade paper. Additionally, the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can be a nuisance when reading. We can safely assume that the writers are not worth your salt.

Possible Deadline, Prices and Discounts

Given the quality of their assignments, we were appalled by the amount that they were charging for each page. First of all, there is no price listing available on the website. To get this, you will have to register with your email, and provide the details of your assignment. Only after this will you get a response with the price charged for your project.

The price ranges from $16.94 to $77.49 per page, which in our estimation is stratospheric. Nowhere will you find a writing service like australianassignmenthelp that has the audacity to charge such prices for the content that they are known for. Since there isn’t a price chart, knowing the deadlines they offer is a task as well. You only get a calendar on their website that allows you to pick when you want the paper to be delivered. This really makes things complicated when trying to order as there is no way to compare.

Another area where australian assignment help disappoints is the discount department. There are no discounts or loyalty programs to speak of that can bring the price down. For students living on a budget, this can be disastrous. However, they do provide free title pages, bibliographies, and amendments. This doesn’t exactly make much difference since such services are provided for free by most writing companies.

Customer Support

The customer support unit is the backbone of any company. But, in the case of, it doesn’t offer much support. You can call them during business hours and the agents are helpful enough until you ask for discounts. There is an email that you can try but it is mostly automated. Additionally, they also have a live chat feature which doesn’t exactly live up to its name. It isn’t manned at times and may leave you hanging.

Customers Reviews on the web

In preparing for this review, we went through various other australianassignmenthelp reviews to determine what others had to say about it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find many positive testimonials, or any. Most of these reviews were highlighting in great detail what we have already mentioned here – of paltry services, abominable pricing, unsupportive customer service, etc.

We strongly urge you to stay away from australianassignmenthelp since this is clearly not an online writing service of any merit. Not only is ordering from them a task unto itself, the level of quality that you would expect from a decent writing service is completely absent.

People who have already tried this online writing company will concede that Australian assignment help is a meagre writing company at best with nothing to set it apart from various other fraudulent writing websites. You are better off trying out any other writing company that is reputed and trustworthy.

Paper Quality

The thing that matters most – the quality of the write-ups – is where eliteassignmenthelp fails most miserably. Ordering from this service will be the biggest mistake of your life. Why do we say this? For starters, the sample that they provide on their website is not exactly written by a professional writer as they claim. Even a high school student would be able to come up with better content. The samples are full of silly mistakes that would frustrate even the most forgiving reader.

The different services that they offer are listed below:

  • Academic Paper
  • Maths, Physics, Economics and Statistics
  • Dissertation
  • Resume Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Editing and Proofreading

And that is all! But we didn’t expect much to begin with since they only have around 100 writers working for them. Regardless, the quality is an issue that cannot be negotiated. Various other reviews will confirm the same. It seems this has been an issue ever since the company started.

Possible Deadline, Prices and Discounts

Fortunately, there is a price index where students can check out the price for different write-ups. But the numbers state that this is not a cheap writing service by any stretch of the imagination. Their prices range from $18.82 per page and go up to $52.13 per page depending on the deadline. But this is only for high school papers. These prices jump up dramatically if you are opting for higher academic level papers. These are some of the highest prices we have ever seen on a writing company’s website.

The earliest that you can expect a paper is 6 hours, and the longest deadline is of 14 days. As is the case with most writing companies, the shorter the deadline, the more you have to pay. Thankfully, there are various discounts that can bring down the price. These are as follows:

  • First order – You can avail a discount of 25% for your first order.
  • Seasonal Discounts – These are provided during the holiday period. But why would anyone order assignments during the holiday season is beyond us.
  • Loyalty Discounts – These discounts are provided for returning customers. If you order in bulk, you can avail this discount. There are 5%, 10%, and 15% discounts if you order 15 pages, 50 pages, and 100 pages respectively.

It might appear that eliteassignmenthelp showers its customers with various discounts. But this is possible only because they jack up their prices to begin with. After discounts, their prices come down to what is reasonable levels which in turn make their discount section look appealing.

Customer Support

It is not apparent but does offer customer support. In order to get the information, you have to check out the ‘About Us’ page. They have a working live chat feature that allows you to talk to the agents in real-time. But sometimes they leave the customers hanging, especially when you request for a refund or a revision. You can also contact them via telephone or mail but their response is quite slow.

Customers Reviews on the Web

Elite assignment help is quite infamous in the online community. You will be hard-pressed to find any student testimonial that sees elite assignment help in a positive light. This is not hard to imagine, given the company that they are and the quality of services that they offer. Most such reviews sound like cautionary tales and for good reasons too.

It is safe to say that students would be prudent enough to stay away from elite assignment help. There aren’t many aspects that could salvage this company, and we wouldn’t recommend anyone going onboard a sinking ship. Hopefully, through our review, you now know why you should take your money somewhere else. This is as fraudulent as an online writing company can be. is an online writing company that has been in the industry since 2005. Although it has had extensive experience over the past decade, one comes out disappointed after dealing with them. The company fails to meet even reasonable expectations and yet markets itself as one of the best in the industry. We urge you to read this review before you fall victim to their scam.

Paper Quality

The most disappointing feature of ozessay is the one that they claim to be their biggest asset, namely the quality of their paper. Just read any ozessay review on the web and you will be surprised to find nothing but issues and problems with this company. Although they do offer a decent list of services, anything above a high-school paper is fraught with multiple errors. This can be easily ascertained after giving their sample a quick read through. For your convenience, we have listed them below:

  • Essay
  • Assignment
  • Article Writing
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Research Report
  • Book Report
  • Proofreading
  • Case Study
  • Coursework

Though the list of services is extensive enough, there are many services that are yet to be made available. For instance, if you require a lab report, application essay, programming assignments, etc., you will have to look somewhere else. Given the deplorable paper quality that they provide, it isn’t hard to suspect that ozessay is still unable to get writers of exceptional standards.

Possible Deadline, Prices and Discounts

There is a dedicated page for pricing that clearly lists out what you can expect to be charged for your assignments. The lowest price is at A$9.17 per page for a high school paper with 2-months deadline. The highest is set at A$60.1 per page for a Ph.D. paper with a 3-hour deadline. They seem reasonable enough unless you have to order more than a page. For example, a 10-page essay with a 2-day deadline will set you back by A$240.

This is a little too expensive for high school students who are simply looking to get some writing assistance. However, there is a 15% discount available for your first order. This complies with the industry standard, so there is nothing to nitpick here. At the same time, there are not loyalty discounts for returning customers which makes it tough for students who want to order more assignments. This is another area where lags behind.

Customer Support

If you choose to order from this website, you will eventually have to take some assistance from the customer support unit. You can get in touch with them via mail, live chat and even Skype which makes it convenient for people living outside Australia. However, the service is a little on the slower side and can take some time to reply back. Though the support agents seem professional enough, when it comes to availing revisions or a refund, they do tend to take longer than usual.

Customers Reviews on the Web

The online reputation of this company isn’t too great. A typical ozessay review will highlight its shortcomings more than its benefits, since the latter aren’t that clear. Most student testimonials will underline the various ways in which they have been scammed. There have even been accusations of plagiarism and below-par quality. In most cases, students don’t get their papers on time which has been a recurring theme in most reviews.

Ultimately, we would not recommend this essay writing service to students because of the various reasons mentioned in this oz essay review. Students are better off taking their money to some other company that isn’t as fraudulent as this one.

If you are a student looking to order write-ups, you may stumble upon various writing services that claim to provide the best essays. But this is not always the case and a lot of them turn out to be scams. Check out this review on before you go ahead and order from them.

Paper Quality

One of the main reasons why we wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone is because of the quality of work that they provide. Although they claim to offer write-ups that will get students high grades, the reality is completely divorced from what they proffer. There are only a paltry number of services that students can choose from, which can be counted on two hands. These are as follows:

  • Academic Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Homework Help
  • Coursework

There are no samples provided on thanksforthehelp (tfth) website which makes it really hard to assess their standards. However, we did find various student testimonials that shed some light on the matter. It appears that students usually end up receiving a lower grade than normal when ordering from this website. This is because the content is not only heavily plagiarized, but it also is done haphazardly, with multiple grammatical and thematic errors.

Possible Deadline, Prices and Discounts

Perhaps the worst thing about is that there is no price listing available. Although it works similarly to other companies and uses a pay-per-page model, you cannot know what the estimate is going to be before you order. Invariably, you will have to order first and get the quoted price mailed to you.

Since we wanted to find what price they would quote to us for purposes of this tfth review, we went ahead and ordered a simply high school economics paper. We were completely taken aback when they asked us to pay A$45 for just 2 pages with a deadline of 6 days. There are hardly any writing companies that would charge such a high price, not to mention there is no information provided for purposes of confidentiality.

Since there isn’t a dedicated price page, there also is no information available for the possible deadlines. Instead, you only get a calendar next to the order form from where you have to select the date by which you need your assignment. This makes it extremely difficult to ascertain price differences based on deadlines. There is, however, a 25% discount which is more than welcome, given the high prices that they quote.

Customer Support

If you happen to order from thanksforthehelp, you will have to get in touch with the customer service. They appear polite enough, until you ask for a revision or a refund. That is when they show their true colours. You can contact them only via telephone, email, and live chat. But all three of these methods don’t amount to much since they are quite slow in responding, and leave you hanging just when you need their assistance the most.

Customers Reviews on the Web

If you are looking for a positive tfth review on the internet, we have bad news for you. We ourselves had a hard time looking for one and those that we did manage to find seemed made-up. This clearly shows that there aren’t many students who have been able to get much help out of this writing company. Most of the reviews are either downright furious, or sound like cautionary tales for other students.

Knowing the hardships that students have to go to, we would not recommend this writing company to anyone. There isn’t a single redemptive aspect that can boast about. All that you will get from this company is empty promises and a lot of disappointments. Safe to say, you ought to try out some other website that is not as fraudulent as this one. looks like a nice service for Australian students. It’s got a clean pricing system, so you know your price before placing an order. The discounts are cool. The website is easy to use. But as a new service without too many BigAssignments reviews, we were suspicious. Did the company have the time to attract and hire the best Aussie writers? Can they deliver great quality?

We decided to test the service and offer our own review of The general impression was no longer positive once we got the order. We got it later than expected. It wasn’t good enough for a high grade at university level.

Services Offered

Yet another service that offers rewriting. Why aren’t we surprised? It seems like all new services on the Australian market are paraphrasing services that try to fake their way into the academic writing industry.

It’s time to clarify this: rewriting is not a good way for a student to get grades. Professors see right through it. They can’t figure out that you’ve used a service if you submit 100% original work. By original, we mean unique ideas; not just content that passes through plagiarism detection engines.

Other than rewriting, BigAssignments offers a few other types of services:

  • Assignment writing
  • Editing
  • Math/science
  • Dissertation services
  • CV/Resume writing help

Paper Quality

We ordered a paper of Master’s quality with a deadline of 3 days. The quote (before discount applied) was $45.14 per page. That’s okay if you’re getting high quality. But you’re not. The writer from Big Assignments was two days late. We got our paper in 6 days after ordering it. The price for that deadline is $37.86 per page. Given the fact that we ordered 5 pages, that’s $36.4 that should’ve been refunded to our account. The refund didn’t happen.

As for the quality, the paper was clearly paraphrased. We asked for revisions in order to get more unique content. Our requirement was denied. No refund, no revisions. That’s a bad, bad deal from BigAssignments! 

Prices and Discounts

If you look at the reviews for this service, you won’t see many students choosing it because of the price. That’s because it’s not affordable. From the testimonials we received, we realized that students opt for just because it’s new, it looks okay, and they want to try it.

The lowest price for academic writing is $18.92 per page (High-School level with a deadline of 14 days). The highest is $69.90 per page (Doctoral level with a deadline of 6 hours).

The discount on first order is 22% off the full price.


This is the worst part of our review of the writer missed the deadline. They delivered the essay two days late. We did not get a refund for this.

If you have an urgent assignment, we advise against using Big Assignments for it. 

Customer Support

The customer service agents are available via live chat. We didn’t like the fact that the chat feature asks for your email address and name. If you still haven’t placed an order and you start a chat, you’ll get spam in your inbox.

Other than that, the support at this site was terrible. They ignored our requirement for a refund. They ignored the feedback we had on quality and refused to offer revisions. To wrap up our review, let’s just say that this is one of the worst services we’ve used so far.

“Get your 500 words free!”

That claim caught our attention. But don’t get tricked. You’re not getting a full essay based on your requirements. To benefit from this offer, you have to order at least 1500 words with a deadline of 72 hours. They don’t feature the prices anywhere at the website. They are expensive, so this is not such a good offer after all. promises free papers, 1000 words for just $1, and all kinds of benefits. None of it is true. All those popups up just lure you to the order form, which doesn’t even give you a price.

Let’s get deeper into our review. Does this service have anything good to offer?

Services Offered

The offer at MyAssignmentServices is decent. There are several categories of assignment help, including:

  • IT assignment help
  • MATLAB assignment help
  • Management
  • Dissertation writing services
  • Poster making
  • Engineering assignment help
  • Law assignment service
  • Nursing
  • Reflective writing
  • Essay writing
  • Case study
  • Humanities subjects
  • Accounting, and more

As you can see, they only provide essays, reflective writing, dissertations, posters, case studies, and a few other types of projects. But they developed a HUGE list of services simply by listing the subject areas. As we already said, there are big promises from My Assignment Services, but not real results.

Paper Quality

The samples at the website should reflect the quality that delivers. To some extent, they do. If you check any of the samples, you’ll notice they look like Wikipedia pages. That’s because Wikipedia is the main source they use for rewriting. The content is not 100% unique.

We ordered a law essay, expecting to get something similar. We chose the deadline of 72 hours to see how the offer for 500 free words worked. The pricing was above $100. That’s not affordable. We got a paper that was worse than the samples seen at the site. It was still rewritten from Wikipedia, but the grammar was off in many places.

We tried to get revisions and they said that their policy was to provide revisions only if the student received a low grade. I’m sorry; so I should submit a crappy paper, get a bad grade and then get revisions? It’s a disaster.

Prices and Discounts

MyAssignmentServices doesn’t have a transparent pricing system. That’s why you won’t find many testimonials online. There aren’t many reviews because students aren’t ready to hire a writing service if they don’t get a clear price.

There’s no guarantee for safe payments. The service can easily charge your card extra and you can’t do much about that.

As for the discounts, there are many offers that seem promising, but are fake. It’s bad marketing that only makes a customer nervous.


We set the 72-hour deadline and My Assignment Services met it. You can set a longer deadline if that’s what you want. The price should be more affordable, but we can’t say for sure. We don’t have the prices for all deadlines because we only placed one order and the quotes aren’t transparent. 

Customer Support

This review of would be more positive if the service fixed the damage with the bad grammar and lack of uniqueness. But when we contacted the representatives, they had a lame excuse that without a proof of a low grade, they can’t provide revisions.

This is the silliest policy for revisions we’ve seen. No professor asks for an improvement after grading a bad paper.

We’re not surprised there are so many bad MyAssignmentServices reviews across the web. We don’t recommend this service to students who want serious papers. If you used it and you want to share feedback, feel free to drop a comment below.

We love the trend of localized assignment services. If you’re a student at an Australian university, getting assignment help from a British author makes little sense. The style wouldn’t fit and your professor would be suspicious about it. Does this mean you should hire just because it’s an Aussie service? No. You should first read a review of, so you’ll see if it delivers good quality for a price that you’re ready to pay.

Our overall impression of the service is not very positive. Sure; the prices are affordable. The quality does not justify them, since it’s below the average we’re used to seeing from professional writers.

Services Offered

Although AustralianHelp is a new service, it developed a versatile offer. It’s available in the price calculator and it includes the following services:

  • Academic paper writing
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Math/physics/economics/statistic problems
  • Admission services
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Resume/CV services
  • Dissertation services
  • Copywriting
  • Rewriting

You can see that the offer caters to students, bloggers and website owners (copywriting), and job applicants. Although the range of services is decent, there’s only one type of service that Australian Help really provides: rewriting. You can order anything and you’ll pay for original content. You’re still getting something paraphrased from the first few pages from Google results.                

Paper Quality

We ordered two essays and paid a decent price for them. For Junior College level, the price was $26.20 for the deadline of 14 days. What’s Junior College level doing in an Australian writing service? The Aussie educational system has universities; not colleges. That was weird, but okay.

We placed two orders from separate accounts at AustralianHelp. Both of them were on similar topics for psychology essays. But we placed one order for academic writing ($26.20 per page for a deadline of 10 days) and rewriting ($14.55 per page for the same deadline and quality level). That makes a big difference when you order multiple pages.

But the essays were too similar. We immediately found the online sources that the writers used. They were identical in the two papers. Although Copyscape didn’t catch plagiarism (due to paraphrasing techniques), this type of work is not good. A professor will find those sources just as easily as we did. And why do they charge higher price for academic writing when it’s just rewriting? It makes no sense.

Prices and Discounts

The prices at start from $18.92 if you choose the academic writing service. You’ll get a more affordable price if you go for rewriting. In both cases, you’re getting the same quality and level of uniqueness. Don’t assume that you’re getting unique content here. This price is high for rewriting. You won’t get a good grade with such work.

The highest price is $75.72 for the Doctoral level with a deadline of 3 hours. Whoa; that’s expensive! It’s more expensive than some of the best writing services we’ve used and reviewed.

You get 18% off if you include a discount code in the order form.


The writers met the deadline. Both papers were ready in 10 days.

The longest deadline of 14 days is just a trick that makes the service look more affordable from the competition. Most other Aussie services set 10 days as the longest deadline. So when you compare the lowest price, you’re comparing two different deadlines.

The shortest deadline is 3 hours. Based on the fact that the writers are retyping content, it’s possible for them to deliver projects under with such urgency. 

Customer Support

If you want to access the online chat at Australian Help, you’ll need to provide your name and email. We did that, and we started receiving loads of spam in the inbox. There’s also a phone number that we used when we realized that the essay involved plagiarism. The agent was very rude and consistently claimed that their plagiarism detection software found nothing. They stick to this software and try to make you stupid when you say you found the sources they clearly plagiarized.

Have you used this service before? What are your impressions? You’ll contribute to the base of real reviews if you leave your comment below.

If you ask us, we can’t label this service as a good one.

A large number of students who hire assignment writing services to help them with their assignments and academic papers have been cheated in one way or the other by a writing service. Sometimes, students end up getting plagiarized or substandard papers and at times, they get their papers delivered way past the deadline. This is why reviews about writing services like the assignment help 4 me review are written to prevent students from choosing the wrong writing services and avoid disappointment.

Services Offered

There is a wide range of services offered by to students and they have a comprehensive list of services on website. They provide students with assignments and homework help on any subject, dissertations, thesis, course work, and research papers.

Prices and Discounts

Most writing services allow students to see their prices as well as discount offers for new and old customers. But it was quite disappointing that assignmenthelp4me did not have a page where they outlined the prices for each and every service. Therefore, students who want to pay for assignment help have to first sign up for an account or fill a new order form with assignment details before they can know the price for the service they want to order.

Every writing service should have a transparent pricing system so anyone that arrives at company website would be able to see what service costs, what price and how they arrive at their prices. The lack of a transparent pricing and discount system makes assignment help 4 me look unprofessional and suspicious.

Customer Support

Looking through the website, there are many ways through which customers can contact customer support, so this gave a boost to the ratings with which the assignment help 4 me review was written. They have a Skype call or chat option, email option and some toll-free numbers to call. After trying to use the Skype chat option with no response, the email option was explored but no response was received until more than ten hours had passed.

The late reply was evidence that does not have a stable and organized customer support to help customers who may need to urgently ask something or reach out to the writing service.


One of the most important things that affects the rating of a writing service is the quality of the work which their team of writers produces. Quality assignment or papers must not be plagiarized and must be exceptionally written, since students who hire writing companies want to get high grades. According to assignmenthelp4me, they have a team of well-trained writers who are experts holding degrees from prominent Australian and Canadian universities from various fields. They also have a production system that warrants quality, where they assign students’ assignments to writers from their university of study. However, based on the reviews from students who have paid for their services, the performances of their writers are actually ordinary and the quality of papers they delivered was low or unremarkable at best. Based on the paper received from them during our review, students hoping to get higher grades would be advised not to hire them because at

MyMathDone offers help with homework in all areas of study, but its main focus is math homework. In this MyMathDone review, we’ll explore all aspects of the service, so we can help students decide whether or not it’s the perfect choice for their needs.

Services Offered

The services are listed in three different categories. First of all, you get assignment help at MyMathDone. The types of assignments include math/physics/economics/statistics problems, statistics projects, programming, simulation report, lab report, online assignment, multiple choice questions, PowerPoint presentation, and more.

You can also get writing services at If you need an essay, article, coursework, term paper, research proposal, article critique, research paper, or book report, you can order it at this website. The list of papers is not the most extensive one we’ve seen, but it still meets the needs of an average Aussie student.

Finally, also offers dissertation services in all areas of study. You can get a single chapter of your dissertation, but you can also order a complete project. If it’s a math dissertation we’re talking about, this is probably the best place to get it from.


Students get good deals at MyMathDone. Since it’s not easy to find math experts to complete assignments, the slightly higher quotes for these projects are understandable. Still, the prices are affordable and they get even better when you implement a discount.

mymathdone prices

A standard assignment (math/physics/economics/statistics problem) at costs from $19.99 to $52.99 per page. There are three quality levels: Standard, Premium, and Platinum, and the deadlines range from ten days to only three hours. The essays are more affordable! They come with prices from $19.99 to $52.99 per page, depending on the chosen quality and deadline.

Discounts and Features

First-time users can save 20% when placing orders at MyMathDone. Currently, they can use FC20 as a discount code. That’s a great discount, given the fact that most other services give up to 15% off on first orders.

There’s also a loyalty discount program at the website, offering 5%, 10%, and 15% off. These discounts are permanent for returning users, and they depend on the number of pages they order.

Platinum level comes with great free features, such as high-priority treatment, advanced plagiarism check, and writer with over 5 years of experience.

Customer Support

The MyMathDone customer support team is very strong. The representatives are online whenever you need them, even in the middle of the night. The 24/7 is great, but you can also use a telephone number and email to contact them.

Papers Quality

This MyMathDone review is not solely based on observations and analytics. Direct experience is also involved! We ordered an assignment at the website. The results were perfect. This was a math assignment for a college-level student. The solution was proper, and the text was perfectly organized, so the student could understand all steps that lead to the result. could be a great option to solve out your problem of writing an exclusive piece of assignment.  Writing an assignment is not an easy task to go through. Don’t worry, you could find thousands of assignment writing services online who could give you the best quality that you desire. But there is a teeny-tiny problem, you will be overwhelmed by the huge of services available, who could give you the best one and who will offer shitty quality.

Services Review

Although the service focuses on writing assignments, AssignmentGeek offers tons of other services too. They basically offer help on doing all sorts of odd and time-consuming homework. For example, they would do a book review, dissertation, case study analysis, essay writing, research and thesis paper for you.
They promise their writings to be completely unique and plagiarism free. So, your teacher cannot accuse you of just copying and pasting from Wikipedia.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a high school or college student trying to get the best grade, you will get the perfect service from them. They have claimed that all their writers a professional.

Well, we have done the research for you mate! We will tell you whether you should spend your money on them or not.

Pricing Policy

AssignmentGeek has a great pricing policy. The price depends on various key factors – type of documentation, subject, single or double spacing writing format, the total number of pages, urgency, your academic level, style, and language preference.

With double spacing and an MA writer, you will have to pay $17.99 per page. The price hikes up to $19.99 if you want an MA/ Ph.D. writer and high priority order.

Still not satisfied? Well, then you should probably go for their platinum service. Here, you would get an MA/ Ph.D. writer with 5+ years of writing experience, a high priority order, and an advanced plagiarism check-up. The platinum level of service would cost $21.99 per page.

We would call this pricing policy quite fair as they have some really qualified writers who could do magic to your writings.

Discounts and Features

The assignment company offers 3 tiers of discounts –

  • 5% discount for 15-50 pages
  • 10% discount for 51-100 pages
  • 15% discount for 100+ pages

Moreover, offers coupon-based discounts too. For example, they have GEEK15 discount coupon that would give you a 15% price cut on the overall project if you are a first time user.

They would also give you some free features on every service. You would get the free outline, amendments, title page, bibliography, and formatting. These would have cost you about $25 extra. You will not have to pay for that if you order an assignment from them.

Customer Support

AssignmentGeek has a very friendly and supportive customer support services. You can use the live chat option available. It’s just in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You could even try their toll-free hotline number or simply can give them an inquiry e-mail. Their support team is really skilled and has a great knowledge to help out the confused souls!

Paper Quality

The paper quality we received was simply outstanding. The formatting was neat and the information they gathered up and presented was simply out of this world. We received the paper within 2 days, just like they told us. Not every writing service maintain a strict deadline policy. Luckily, the company truly wants to serve the students.
They follow a unique 4-step methodology to craft up the best papers you could wish for. First, they look up for what to write, they brainstorm and figure out the research strategy, set out the structure and be at their best creative mood. No wonder why their quality is so high!